Balloon Boy: Setup or just confused? Update: Family video interview added – hoax?

Ok … you can read the earlier play by play here … but late yesterday evening Wolf, bless his heart, asked little Falcon the wrong question. Or was it the right question? Asked why he didn’t come out of hiding … the little boy said because … “You guys said … we did this for the show.”

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Uh oh ,,, well Wolf won’t let go … good boy Wolf … bad boy Falcon


Hmmm … “Yeah, umm, let me just interrupt this because I see the direction you guys are hedging on this …”, says Dad. Well, yes, we do have a direction, and as a former TV reporter I would be heading in the same direction. If there’s nothing to hide here, answer the question, “What did Falcon mean when he said we did this for the show.” If I were a parent I would want to know too.

Something smells here. I’m just saying is all. Of course it could all be cleared up if the parents would answer the question. You make the call.

Update: Apparently the police want to question both the parents and the boy again … separately. No, I am not for that. Falcon is 6 and should have his parents with him. Nope not for that. Will try and get an update on that one.

Update: (Steve) This morning on CBS’s Early Show, the interviewer asked about what Falcon said. The dad responded that he did not hear Falcon say what he said on the air due to the ear wig. Supposedly, right after the first family interview, a videographer had asked Falcon to show him how he got into the attic and he did so, crawling up there for a camera – for a TV show. During the interview with Wolf, supposedly Falcon was referring to his actions for the media videographer.

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  1. donh on October 16, 2009 at 2:56 am

    The boy who cried wolf remains an enduring parable of wisdom. Me thinkst this was all just a hoax to grab 15 minutes of fame and $.  Moonbat family way to defensinve at the probing questions. There are times when I am glad the government is big enough to impose fines and penalties.  $15,ooo for littering, operating a baloon without a license, dumping helium into the air, child endangerment , and dig around that attik some more and I am sure you will find some pot.

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