Lawyer for Chrysler bond holders backs off … sort of.

Judge for yourself. This is from Neil Cavuto’s interview last night with Tom Lauria, lawyer for some of the bond holders who decided to reject Obama’s deal offering them 29 cents on the dollar for their debt. The debt holders wanted 50 cents.

Obama called them greedy and falsely claimed they were not willing to sacrifice.  If only it had stopped here.

Lauria two days ago told a Detroit radio station that his people were being threatened with ruin by Mainstream Media if he did not capitulate. Death threats followed from the “common folk”. Last night, Lauria backed off … as I said sort of. Cavuto reran the interview a few minutes ago.


He’s being careful. But Hot Air is reporting that Lauria’s allegations are being corroborated by others.

Creditors to Chrysler describe negotiations with the company and the Obama administration as “a farce,” saying the administration was bent on forcing their hands using hardball tactics and threats.

Lauria responded to the death threats as well.


I am not sure his no comment constitute a denial. Sounds more lawyerly to me. And its hard not to give what he said initially some credence when the President sounds like this.


Decide for yourself, as for me, based on the body of evidence … or course they put the arm on the bond holders. It’s how they operate behind closed doors. Still waiting for the lefties who hated Bush’s stubbornness to jump on this one. 

Populism is alive and well – the economy and the Constitution

Let’s discuss the conservative viewpoint of the populist nightmare. Listen to any stump speech by your local, state and national politicians who are running for office and count the number of times he or she makes a promise to deliver something of value to you.

What should be the role of the federal government – or any government agency – be when it comes to ‘driving’ the economy? The preamble of the Constitution tasks government with promoting the general welfare, not providing the general welfare. Pull out a dictionary and look up the difference.

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