A thought for the day

Apropos of my one of my  posts yesterday on green energy, I thought you might be interested in this. It is from Saturday’s Wall Street Journal’s “Notable & Quotable” section. 

P.J. O’Rourke gave the following remarks at Radio Free Europe in Prague:

The free market is not an ideology or a creed or something we’re supposed to take on faith, it is a measurement.  It’s a bathroom scale.  I may hate what I see when I step on the bathroom scale, but I can’t pass a law saying I weigh 160 pounds.  Authoritarian governments think they can pass a law–a law to change the measurement of things.

They can’t.

Michael Moore to Chris Dodd: Don’t run

Not like Dodd will listen. The interview with Matthews is pretty good … and certainly it doesn’t make Dodd look good. Shocker!

Matthews interviews Michael Moore on his new movie “Capitalism” … of which Countrywide and Chris Dodd are stars.


Never thought I would say this … but as I have been told … it’s a movie worth seeing.

We The People – Update: Cavuto Commentary

It’s not easy to understand why we Americans behave the way we do. Our culture is indeed unique. To be sure, I am convinced, within each and every one of us beats the heart of a free thinker who values personal liberty. Read more