Stop Obamacare: call now. Plus new poll

Don’t let this weekend go by without going here to let your representatives know you do not want this crummy health care plan that will create a new multi trillion dollar government program, another entitlement that will raise your taxes, raise your premiums (by more than if we did nothing), cut Medicare (and not just medicare advantage) and limit care at the same time.

I direct you to the section Health Care Deconstructed. Everything we say is sourced right from the source. Nothing the other side is sourced. Stop it now.

Go to Hugh Hewitt’s home page right now. Once there,click on the blue banner, “Say No To Obamacare” at the top of his home page. Send an e-mail to your Congressman and the entire Blue Dog delegation in one stop.

Click Here!

Or click “Contact Elected Officials” on this site and call and e-mail directly.

I realize if you are here you likely will call or write but, also take time to take the poll.

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  1. phil
    phil says:

    Couldn't we afford Obmacare and a chicken in every pot if we just take Nancy Pelosi's airplane away from her?

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