Stimulus + Connecticut = 20 jobs

Honestly I am not kidding … 20 jobs. Just to review:

  • $780 billion dollars in stimulus money, approved by Congress in February
  • Connecticut is awarded $47 million (hey we’re  small state)
  • Connecticut has received through September $1 million
  • Total jobs created … 20. Yup, 20.

But please, don’t  take my word for it … straight from . Click to enlarge.

CT jobs recovery

Just imagine if Connecticut’s senior Senator were a Republican. Damn, we would probably owe this crowd jobs. Can’t ya feel the stimulus?

Thanks to Jim Geraghty at National Review. He did the numbers for Virginia and New jersey where they will likely make a difference this year.

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  1. Reh Dogg
    Reh Dogg says:

    No this doesn't surprise me at all it just angers me. 47 million dollars and all our state could come up with is 20 jobs? This is outrageous. Ronald Regan said it best. "Government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem." All this is purposeful. As a child growing up, if I put my hands on the hot stove and felt the heat I pulled my hand away and never did it again. The government knows tax cuts works but that would spoil there agenda of nationalized health care. They want to run every aspect of our lifespan from birth to grave and I for one will fight until i'm lifeless. Obama spoke in the past about bitter clingers who cling to there bibles and guns. Well I'm one of those who cling to my guns and bible.

  2. libertarian27
    libertarian27 says:

    As of Oct 16th, CT has seen $13,829,669.33 (according to the treasury website)

    $4,721,998.05 has been given to small businesses and $9,107,671.28 to Big Business.

    $7,094,244.41 was received by companies within CT, the rest to other states doing business in CT.

    The largest expenditure : To remediate seepage hop brook lake dam Waterbury and Naugatuck. Contract given to a Virginia company for a little over $4.5 million
    Excel sheet of all spending on upper right of the screen – Recovery and Reinvestment Act Report. Updated every Friday.

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    One's head just spins.  Again.


    So, when they invoke Stimulus II to "fix" Stimulus I, as a result of having only having spent (or misspent) a small fraction of Stimulus I, how will they know which of the two "stimuli" are actually responsible for not actually achieving results (and spawning a Stimulus II?)?

  4. donh
    donh says:

    Number of jobs created in RI  6  ! What do you think a stimulous is Jim ya big dummy ! We saved the jobs of all those essential  government supervisors. Without the stimulous package there would not be anyone to tell you what to do and boss it over you all day long.  Why it would have been the  end of  civilization as we know it Jim.

  5. KrisTr
    KrisTr says:

    2.5 million per job? Well, I have 3 unemployed sons. If I start a business and ask for a grant to employ 4 people I could get 10 million? Cool.

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