State legislatures really know how to lead

Early this week, I wrote about how corporate leaders were changing their business plans to take advantage of government handouts. Everyone is getting in line, and you really can’t blame them for doing so. If they don’t come and ask for the cash, someone else will.

Word from Malkin that a local department store is asking for a bailout and the Pennsylvania state legislature wants them to have it. At the same time, they are accepting their COLA pay raise this year.

Along with my list from Monday, and my post over at Radio Vice Online discussing welfare for 80,000-plus financial service employees who may loose their jobs, we’ve now got Pennsylvania department store Boscov’s being offered state loans, grants or something.

Should government leaders – like the Pennsylvania state legislature – lead by example during tough times, or just move forward as normal. State law provides the legislature a cost of living adjustment (COLA) raise at the end of the year. It’s built into the state law, kind of like teacher contracts that provide raises no matter what the performance.

Malkin has more about another state legislature that just doesn’t get it. Government never has to do with less – it’s the people that must pay more and put a sweater on to stay warm.

Yesterday, I noted that Pennsylvania Democrat Gov. Ed Rendell had secured $35 million in federal money — your money — to bail out ailing department store Boscov’s. (link) So, with all the belt-tightening and rough economic sledding ahead, what are Pennsylvania state lawmakers doing?

No kidding: Getting pay raises.


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  1. Barb
    Barb says:

    This just keeps getting worse and worse.  How will we ever dig out of this.  A store like Boscov, or any department store, should file bankruptcy, not try to survive with a bailout that only masks the problems in the first place.  The market rights these things.  Let it do what it does best, pols, and stop trying to micro manage EVERYTHING!  As the tally rises, I get angrier and angrier.  Enough is enough!

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