Specter blames Kemp’s death on Republicans

This is just a despicable statement on the part of a politically expedient Congressional relic. If only the Republicans had spent more money on research, Jack Kemp would be alive. Set aside the fact that he offers absolutely no evidence more government money would have led to a cure of Jack Kemp’s cancer, what he seems to be suggesting is that had Congress listened to “Ole Arlen” and if he remains in office … there will be a cure for all cancer. To even suggest this 24 hours after Mr Kemp’s death is despicable.


Very reminiscent of John Edwards “elect me and Christopher Reeve will walk again.” Narcissism on parade. The world just can’t afford not to elect me.

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  1. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Jack Kemp has not even been buried and Sen. Arlen Specter decides to drag politics into his passing.

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