Shep Pushes Government Health Insurance

It’s classic Shep … he gets pretty hot. Senator Barrasso from Wyoming must have been scratching his head and wondering if he had suddenly been transported to MSNBC.

I like Shep Smith very much. I think he is honest and sincere, and this certainly will not change my opinion of him, but this is just classic “wrong”.

Shep’s points:

1. The “public option” is not government run health care. (umm, no comment)

2. People are not getting preventative care because they can’t afford insurance (this one always baffles me)

3. Government insurance will make health care affordable. (I think this post, and this, pretty much pops that bubble)

It’s the latter he pushes over and over again during this interview but I must say Barrasso holds his own … and rightfully makes the point that any government option will ultimately lead to single payer. Which Steve points out in this post.

Watch to see Barrasso stay cool … as much as to see Shep get hot.


Ya know now that I think about it … its really one more reason to like Shep. He is sincerely concerned about the little guy. You can see it is not populism. Good man. He’s just wrong if he thinks government run care will be good for America.

Exit question: If you’ve lost Shep Smith have you lost middle America?

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  1. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    Just think that Shepherd Smith is not beholden to political dogma of any party.  He seems to be sincere, and is also passionate – like someone on the radio we all know :).   From a practical point of view, for those living in the real world (unlike me!) health insurance is just not affordable.  There are so many issues to consider when discussing "reform," and like everything else in society, it cannot be fixed by "band-aids" (no pun intended).  Without going to the root of all societies' problems – which involve both spiritual and natural behavior – no superficial "human" fixes will work.

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