Senator Ma’am Update – no apology

Well according to Ma’am Boxer’s spokespeople, she and the General have kissed and made up. Oops, that was politically incorrect. Sorry.

Just as a refresher … here’s the video one more time … which John McCain used as a opportunity to have a little fun with the ole girl. Darn, there I go again.


And here’s the non apology apology which is all the rage today.

“Senator Boxer spoke with General Walsh yesterday and he said he was fine with her comments at the hearing,” Boxer spokesman Zachary Coile said in a statement sent Friday to

“It was a very friendly conversation and they reiterated their respect for each other and how much they look forward to working together,” he said.

But no apology, sorry. Oops … there I go again. Michelle Malkin has put this all into perspective though … don’t you think? Click the image to watch.


Plus … via instapundit … Don Surbur believes Ma’am Boxer could learn a thing or two from Gomer Pyle.

Gomer Pyle

My guess is this woman who has worked so hard to claim her “title”, could learn a thing or two from Miss Manners as well. Oops … there I go again, Ms Manners.

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  1. skepticalcynic
    skepticalcynic says:

    Shoot, worked long and hard?? Are you kidding me? IF Milk, White and that other sorry excuse for a human being hadn't been involved with Jim JOnes, Boxer would have never SNIFFED the office in San Fran.

    Elitism = The left. The only time Boxer ever wanted to be called Ma'am is the second she popped out of the womb.

  2. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    After the first response of "Senator", the proper miltary protocol is "Ma'am". My guess is that she: 1. Is trying to get us to believe that the Congress is in charge of the military ( balance of power says "No"). And / or 2. She is one of those "I am in charge and I like things my way" folks.

    The military works in concert with,not at the whim of Congress.

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