Sarkozy calls out Obama on Iran

This one line has been garnering much deserved attention today. We spent a good bit of time on this on Friday. As my son questioned: “Is it a good thing when the president of France takes a tougher stance on Iran than the president of the United States?”

This took place on Sept. 24, at the special session United Nations Security Council. The president hailed his new proposal, to which they all agreed, to secure all nuclear stock piles and a pledge of committing to a world without nuclear weapons.

But as French President Nicolas Sarkozy points out to the young president … to what good? Talking and pledging has done little to stop Iran.


And while we’re out it … it wasn’t just the president of France who sounded tougher. It was the PM of Israel, Bebe Netanyahu:


And the “Mayor” of the United States


Exit question: Don’t you wish your president sounded like this?

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  1. RSW in Ashford
    RSW in Ashford says:

    I am surprised that this story has not made any headlines in the USA.  Fiat is the largest trading partner (within the EC) with Iran.  They also entered into an agreement to manufacture cars in Iran in 2005.  Unlike in the USA, Iran did not have to give money, loans, or equity in a domestic auto company to get their commitment.  Instead Fiat made the investment themselves!  You can find numerous references to these business dealings by Goggling fiat+iran.  Here is a link to the Iranian new service, Mehr News, story.



    I wonder how this plays with UN and USA trade sanctions with Iran.  Let’s see . .  we gave Chrysler to Fiat, but retained Government and Union ownership stakes . . . soooo is Fiat/Chrysler an Italian company?  USA Company?  Maybe it was a long term strategy hatched by a community organizer (in 2005 when he was planning his rise to be president) to negotiate autos for nuclear non-proliferation?!?




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