Rush Pushback: Sharpton vs Buchanan

This is probably the last Rush post for a while …. but more and more I see conservatives on these talk shows pushing back … with fact … and I like it.

Thursday night Chris Matthews had Al Sharpton on with Pat Buchanan to discuss Rush and the NFL and the fact that Rush had been dropped over the controversy. Sharpton, citing the only two controversial racial statements they had for (Rush on McNabb and on the NFL “Crips and Bloods”) says he would drop Rush too given his divisive nature … and Pat goes crazy. And as an added bonus they both through in Don Imus. Ha!

It just will never end,

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    Fairly good Job by Pat, but he always finds a way to sabatogue our position. Pat went on to suggest only the left engages in this kind of activity, and that conservatives would never campaign agaisnt Al Sharpton owning an NFL team. This is absurd. Of course we would ! The amount of gambling that bets on NFL games, conservative would object to a hustler like Don King buying an NFL team. The history of hoaxes surrounding Al Sharpton would absolutely disqualify him from bidding on the Rams. There is nothing wrong with campaigning against individuals in power, as long as it is not a smear campaign.

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