Ron Clark Kids sing but only Willie gets it

Just about every blog out there has now posted this video from CNN yesterday from the “Ron Clark Academy kids” … but other than Allah at Hot Air … most failed to post the best part. It comes about 20 seconds in. Once again it’s little Willie who stands apart from the rest. Remember Willie is the young man, the only one in the group, who last fall said he would be voting for McCain.

Listen to him here and remember … the song they wrote and are about to sing is PRO Obama Health Care. My guess is they didn’t let Willie write any of the words. Kinda like not letting Republicans not write any of the Health Care legislation. Get used to it Willie. It is what it is.


Here’s the video from last fall.


I really like Willie. A man of conviction.

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    Very nice. A song that records history without pushing a particular side or outcome.  Love how they worked the Joe Wilson You Lie into the lyrics. Shows  bias at the end by saying President  Obama is Mr bipartisianship and You Lie destroyed that cooperative  spirit that really never was here.  However, when considering the exploitation of children as political propaganda tools, this song is restrained from the kind of stiff armed bellamy salute party loyalty you got from the Hitler youth, and the MMM MMM GOOD song.

  2. mrwes
    mrwes says:


    Good morning and keep up the good work! I was IM'ing a friend on Facebook and posted this link in the message; hit enter and I got a message from FB that some of the content was blocked as some users have reported it as abusive! Any other reports of such? I have the screenshot of the message if you're interested.




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