Republicans gain 65 seats. Tsunami misses New England – Krauthammer: Obama agenda dead

Just a quick post to give you guys some numbers to chew on. The country has turned a deep red, except in the Northeast. Surprised? I’m not. Given the high percentage of public union workers, low income and elderly (that’s just about all that’s left) … people voted their self interests, your money.

CBS has a great interactive map and that’s where I am taking you today. Look at how the rest of the country reacted to Obama’s agenda, then compare it to New England. Here’s the link. And here are the numbers.

Senate is now 51-46, that’s a 5 vote pickup with 3 still out.

House is now 235 – 181, just about a complete flip and a pickup of 65 seats

Governors, 27-15 Republican compared to 26-24 Democrat before

No Connecticut was not included but that’s next, I can assure you.

Need a pick me up RVOers? How about a little Charles Krauthammer. “The Obama agenda is dead”.

We can only hope.

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  1. socialenemy
    socialenemy says:

    I'm still deeply saddened by CT. If Malloy wins it's becuase it was rigged, there is no way, NO WAY that he won legit. Once you take into account all the photo copied (probably) already filled out ballotes, YEAH RIGHT! The Republicans in CT better fight this and get a recount, get a judge, get every dang thing they need to get Foley in because the Dems are frauds and the only way they can win is to rig the whole damn thing.

  2. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    Connecticut has made its bed…I ain't gonna lie in it.  As soon as I can, I'm outta this God-forsaken state, because it's pretty darned certain that Blumenthal is in for life.  Hurrrrrrrl.

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    You can lead a voter to the ballot box, but you can't make him think.


    They fixed B-port to be able to "supply" the needed votes in what turned out to be a very close campaign.  It was either incompetence or corruption, neither of which is something that should shock observers of close campaigns where the Democrats are marginally losing (see Kings county in Washington state).

  4. Brian
    Brian says:

    Connecticut voters seem to be in love with the notion of Connecticut being a nanny state.

    If I could move out of state, I would.

  5. porschepete
    porschepete says:

    If I didn't have my business here there would skid marks out my driveway.

    What do expect in a state where there are more people in the cart than pulling it. Ever notice the traffic on a state holiday? You can fly through Hartford.

  6. sammy22
    sammy22 says:

    Pleeeeeease. CT does not amount for anything on the national political scene! CT is about as influential as North Dakota (with my apologies to those fine folks up North and West).

  7. steve418r
    steve418r says:

    The republicans will need s substanial majotity to win in this state. The party that rules now has a lot of support from backroom politics, and they get votes from the decesed, who come back just to vote.

    It also seems a little suspicious that some precintcts hold their votes to see which way the wind is blowing.

    It is all history now, so we will have to live with it.

  8. skibikekayak
    skibikekayak says:

    This election was a reaction to what the Democrats did in making poor policy and law.

    When the Republicans are re-elected in a landslide for making conservative reforms we will

    have won the debate.   Overall I think the liberals are still winning and I'm not impressed with the victory.

    We should have picked up more House seats and won the Senate.

  9. tom
    tom says:

    Sent to my out of state friend just now:

    Connecticut Election Report,so far…

    My state is stuck somewhere between 'High School Musical',('Status Quo' song),and some cheap Zombie movie.


    Ratface lifetime pol millionaire from Greenwich wins over Wrestling boss millionaire from Greenwich…….he tears down business,she builds,he married money,she earned it.-go figure…


    First,a bit of background;our current outgoing Sec of State,Susan Bysiewicz,was deemed ineligible to run for Atty. General this year for lack of legal experience.Also,she was censured for maintaining voter info and other campaign matter on state MIS systems,(in some states,she'd be in jail right now).

    Okay, Susan first screwed up 7 months ago,when ballot requests from Bridgeport,our largest city with over 65k registered voters,requested only 21k ballots. This info had to cross her desk at some point in time,likely while she was fighting to stay on the ballot for Atty Gen…

    This causes Bridgeport to run out of ballots in 12 of 23 precincts during midday,poll workers photocopy some ballots,but the scanner won't read them,Duh.

    (poll worker training so high on her list,it seems…)

    So,party officials ask a court to extend voting in those precincts by two hours…the correct move,but Totally Unnecessary if folks did their job somewhere near competently.

    Then,in this close race,yesterday she 'unofficially' declares her partymate,Dan Malloy as the winner for Gov..

    Small Problem: the normally liberal Associated Press this morning switches outcome prediction and says Tom Foley wins with over 8k more votes.

    What a Fuckup this Sec of State is !!!!!

    State Senator:

    My area kicked out a 18 yr union mouthpiece in favor of a new State Senator who seems to have no entanglements that could color him,at least for now.

    It was mostly status quo for most other offices,Reps,state,and locals,so I won't bore you.More when it is available,Thanks for reading

    Now entering Connecticut-Welcome to the State of Denial !

  10. VictimsRevenge
    VictimsRevenge says:

    <!–[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 <![endif]–>

    Do you think it’s a coincidence that our gubernatorial election is being decided by Bridgeport CT, and Obama just visited there to stump for Blumenthal? Didn’t Bridgeport CT have to keep the polls open later than usual on Election Day? Is this just another conspiracy theory? Isn’t a conspiracy theory a different way of saying Ha,Ha you can’t prove anything?

  11. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    "Conspiracy theory" is like saying "anecdotal", or "He/she is just a demogogue".  It is a way of discrediting one's opponent when you can't address the accusation.

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