Republican Debate: All three beat the Dem pretenders

Peter Schiff spent the evening promoting smaller government and the free market as an answer to the nation’s ills and … well, he’s right.

The investor and financial analysis was fluid and compelling in his concise answers, pushing every button of free market-loving Republicans. His insights on the economy, the size of the federal government and the danger of soaring deficits to national security will resonate beyond the night’s debate.

Here’s a sample:


But for me, Linda McMahon connected, who unlike the Democratic candidates last night, came prepared and had command of the issues. I didn’t see it so much as polished, as delivering a message that I think voters get. Not to mention, she had the laugher of the night.


Rob Simmons may very well take the nomination, but he sounded boilerplate when it’s passion the voters want to see. And his conservative credentials are being chipped away by his opponents. They want to know that in your heart, you are committed to less spending and less government.

I have no dog in this race. I said weeks ago I would let them knock it out. Really.

Still, I think any of them have better command of the issues than the guys who last night proposed spending another trillion dollars of your kids money on another stimulus, or attacking the cost of health care by reducing domestic violence.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Even the snippets on the news were of a much higher quality than the Democrat puppets.


    Was it just me, or did Blumie look like a shark during the Dem debate?  Someone told him to smile a lot, and he overdid it.  It was creepy.  I fully expected his eyes to roll back in his head before he tried to bite someone…..!

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