EP. 27 - Conservative columnist Don Pesci and author Michael Walsh

Conservative columnist at Radio Vice Online Don Pesci, and best selling author Michael Walsh join Jim and Jane for the podcast.

EP. 26 - With author Michael Walsh, contributor at The Pipeline

Bonus podcast interview with author Michael Walsh. You can find his current articles at The Pipeline.

EP. 25 - Barbara Vicevich on politicians restricting rights during COVID-19

Barbara Vicevich joins us on the podcast. Big government using COVID-19 to restrict our rights, plus the unconscionable prosecution of Mike Flynn.

EP. 24 - COVID-19 taking freedoms away with John Hayward

Author John Hayward from Breitbart News talks with Jim and Jane about how government uses COVID-19 to rob us of freedom.

EP. 23 - Federal bailout of states with Keith Phaneuf from CT Mirror

Keith Phaneuf from CT Mirror talks with Jim and Jane about a federal bailout of they states snd why he expects higher taxes in Connecticut.

EP. 22 - The Left grabs power during COVID-19 crisis

Mayor Bill de Blasio's (D-NYC) call for snitches reminds Jane of what happens every day under communism. The left grabs power during COVID-19 pandemic.

EP. 20 - COVID-19 talk with Dr. Grey & Doc Zero

Dr. Michael Grey speaks with Jim and Jane about the topping out of the coronavirus in Connecticut. Plus Doc Zero on the American economy.

EP. 20 - Susan Mitchell from US Horse Welfare & Rescue

Special podcast today, interviewing Susan Mitchell, the president, founder and executive director of US Horse Welfare & Rescue.

EP. 19 - Republican Strategist Stephanie Conway and Charlie Gasparino from FBN

This week, Jim and Jane discuss millennials with Stephanie Conway and the stock market with Charlie Gasparino from FBN.

EP. 18 - With Dr. Michael Grey and Don Pesci

Jim and Jane talk with Dr. Michael Grey, medical chair at St. Francis Hospital about the Corona virus.

EP. 17 - Featuring Don Pesci and Bob McGuffee

Tonight's podcast features conservative columnist Don Pesci and Connecticut TEA Party founder Bib McGuffee.

EP. 16 - Dr. Michael Grey on COVID-19

Tonight's podcast features Dr. Michael Grey, chairman of the Department of Medicine at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center - Topic: COVID-19.