EP. 14 - Barbara Vicevich and Jonathan Hoenig

This week - Barbara Vicevich on Sen. Schumer's SCOTUS attack and Jonathan Hoenig reviews this week's market volatility.

EP. 13 - Myth of democratic socialism with Don Pesci

Conservative Connecticut columnist Don Pesci joins us to discuss the myth of democratic socialism.

EP. 12 - Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw: Government keeping UFO projects secret

How much do you know about the Pentagon's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program? We asked Jazz Shaw from Hot Air.

EP. 11 - Interview with John Hinderaker from Power Line

Interview with John Hinderaker from Power Line

EP. 10 - Interview with Barbara Vicevich - Democrats will not accept defeat

The former chief prosecutor for southern district of Florida: The democrats will not accept defeat.

EP. 9 - Don Pesci - Looney: Public hearing on Connecticut tolls might not be needed?

After last year's public hearings on the Connecticut toll proposal by Democrats, they might be trying to avoid future public hearings on the subject.

EP. 8 - John Hayward on impeachment, and nobody likes Schiff

Why does the left and the media - but I repeat myself - have a premature tendency to hype stories they think will bury Trump? Tonight, John Hayward on impeachment.

EP. 7 - Prof. Walter Williams, Taxation is robbing us of liberty

Professor Walter Williams joins us to discuss taxation, and how it robs all of us of liberty.

EP. 6 - Don Pesci and Retired Major General Marks have a few words for Murphy

Conservative columnist and RVO contributor Don Pesci discusses the liberal hypocrisy of Sen. Chris Murphy.

EP. 5 - Interview with Barbara Vicevich, the Sound off Sister

Jim and Jane continue their conversation comparing Communism and Capitalism with former Assistant District Attorney Barbara Vicevich.

EP. 4 - Interview with John Hinderaker from Powerline Blog, plus impeachment

Jim and Jane discuss the impeachment of President Trump with John Hinderaker from Powerline Blog.

EP. 3 - Don Pesci discussing Connecticut tolls, excessive taxation and liberty

Jim Vicevich and Jane Benson speak with Don Pesci concerning tolls, excessive taxation and liberty.