Photos and video from the Hartford Tax Day Tea Party

I’m creating a post specifically for all of the photos and videos that people send to us from the Hartford, New Haven and Greenwich Tea Parties that have been – or will be – held today. This post continues to be updated as more images come in! Come back later… we’ll probably have more photos.

All the thanks to organization of this event goes to the grass-roots effort of Rick! Rick has more Hartford Tea Parties in the works. The Connecticut State Police and Capital Police did an awesome job, at the event. Some attendees were asking why you were video taping… but special thanks goes out to them from all of the attendees. Thanks!

If you have pictures or links to YouTube videos, send them to [e-mail address removed, we’ve got a good selection posted] and we’ll do our best to upload them to this post. Speaking of pictures, Malkin has some images from around the country.

Click on any image to expand, and then you can scroll through the others.

Hartford (Crowd estimate by police is 3,000, but organizers state that 5,000 rolled through during a three hour period). Video and photos from Jim, plus RVO readers mamaria, dialupPete, Lucinda M., Leslie B., Bill H. and Gene C.


tea-party-05 tea-party-04 tea-party-03

tea-party-01 tea-party-06 hfd-tea-party-10

hfd-tea-party-11 hfd-tea-party-12 hfd-tea-party-13

hfd-tea-party-14 hfd-tea-party-15 hfd-tea-party-16

hfd-tea-party-17 hfd-tea-party-18 hfd-tea-party-19



New Haven (courtesy Peter A)

nh-tea-party-04 nh-tea-party-01 nh-tea-party-02


Naples, Fla. (courtesy some Connecticut/Rhode Island snowbirds residing in a state with no income tax)

naples-tea-party-01 naples-tea-party-02 naples-tea-party-03

naples-tea-party-04 naples-tea-party-05 naples-tea-party-06


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  1. theignorantfisherman
    theignorantfisherman says:

    Jim and fellow sound offs…  I had a great time! What respect and a peaceful turn out at the rally from one and all! The flower garden on the capital lawn did not have one foot print in it. That in its self speaks volumes about those who were there today. Sonia was awesome and truly fired up the crowd…That little girl!

    I now just have to fire off my letters to our elected thieves and then back to the grind and over taxation of evry day life here in blue CT.

    God Save and Bless America!

  2. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Jim, the tea party rally was AWSOME! You and other famous speakers, plus those who spoke via the open mike did a great job in speaking what NEEDED to be said. What made my day was being able to see Sonia and be able to put a face with that person's name. She did a great job with her short speech as well. Happy the turnout came to about 5,000 people. Goes to show that people are on fire when it comes to not only high taxes, but an ever growing government. If we are called "radicals", so be it. But we must stand up for what is right. :)=^..^=

  3. pauldow
    pauldow says:

    I was one of many in Hartford today. Reminded me of the quality of people I meet at pilot events. Not the mega-airshows, but events with people who fly. The ethics and personal responsibility are common traits.  It was hard work trying to find any litter at the Capital after we left. Great signs. Very funny and spot-on. No two alike. Most hand made.

  4. SoundOffSister
    SoundOffSister says:

    Though I love you. Bro, Sonia was awesome.  Sonia, who, I guess, was not born in the United States, knows more about America's origins and America's present than most (perhaps, all) of our politicians.  Yes, Sonia, we are all Americans.  And we will stand up, not just today, but for all of our following days, to insure that this country does not disappoint you. 

  5. SoundOffSister
    SoundOffSister says:

    It occurs to me that we need a new bumper sticker…Honk if you're a "Radical".  When the noise becomes deafening, perhaps our government will realize that we're not "radicals", we're Americans.

  6. mamaria
    mamaria says:

    We were one of many families there… we took our 3 girls to witness the event and to participate. They all helped with the design and the making of the BIG sign- "Big News and  Real News". It's important to teach our young kids about our Constitution and our rights but also the responsibilities of being an American citizen. We are proud to be an American! And thank you to the people who coordinated this event.  Jim, thanks for your show and all your hard work and for looking out for us…

    And Sonia- you are awesome!

  7. Darlene
    Darlene says:

    I keep hearing the media question whether this is a one day faze or will this continue?  All i would say is compare the February 27th Hartford Tea Party (with 300 attendees) to the April 15th Hartford Tea Party (3000 attendees) and you will have your answer!  There is no question this movement is growing.  This happens to be my 4th Tea Party amongst many more to come.

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