Paul Ryan heckled by leftie as he goes after Obama on liberty

Of course. This man can’t let Ryan address the world on personal liberty, which Ryan went on to say it is one of the key issues in this campaign. This doesn’t make Americans anti government or not compassionate. That he said, is a typical Obama Straw Man argument. But rather believers that true compassion is voluntary not forced.

The crowd would shout the heckler down with what has become standard fare on the Romney tour whenever a heckler tries to disrupt, chants of USA.

Meanwhile enjoy, the crowd as well.


I hope to have an update on this “maroon” in a bit. Ryan went on to defend life and asked where the President’s compassion is when it comes to life, i will post on that as well. Great speech at the Value Voters Conference in DC

Update 1: Lets hold off on the leftie label. I mean it fits but he could an anarchist or OWS fan or anti corporatist. He apparently is not a big fan of corporations.

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  1. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    It’s about time, President Obama is called out. Well Clint did a great job, but I want a politican, like Ryan to hammer him deftly.

  2. Shared Sacrifice
    Shared Sacrifice says:

    This heckler represents the Democrats’ War on children, the unborn and the elderly. ?Children because O & Dems ?made it illegal to provide care to a healthy live born baby if mother or doctor intended for it to die- this led to babies being left to die in soiled utility rooms. Unborn- see link on partial birth abortion where babies have their brains vacuumed out. ?Elderly because QE3 will cause more devaluation of currency- effectively pushing the savings and pensions (of anyone who ever hopes to retire) over a cliff. ?And we’re supposed to care when a Georgetown law student can’t afford ?condoms for her bevy of boyfriends!? ?Get a job, take one less trip to Europe, go to a state school, buy a vibrator, stop dating losers- just stop demanding other peoples’ money!!!

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