Obama – Those iPhones and blogs are really straining democracy

One might think the new media is enabling voices never before heard in a democracy, to finally be heard. Perhaps one could say, the new media is spreading true democracy like never before, especially in an era where the main streamers seem to be so enamored with The One. One might think that … but then “The One” apparently sees it differently.


I like Hampton University. My first reporting job was in Tidewater. Good school. These kids are pretty smart and as such this must have given them a good laugh, considering the One used the alternative media extensively to get elected by whacking his opponents daily. He may be right about the spreading rumors thing. On the other hand, as AP points out, he forgets the alt media also acts as a “truthometer” on his stuff too.

The One neglects to mention that last part; I wonder why. In any case, enjoy this twice over — once for the odd inclusion of Xboxes and PlayStations in an argument about truth in media and the second time for the thought of how nutroots bloggers would have reacted to George “Adolf” Bush casually wondering whether having so many voices in the public square is healthy for a democracy.

Ahhh … it’s Bush’s fault, of course.

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