Obama: So there’s this car, ya see? And the Republicans drove this car ….

My goodness. As AP at Hot Air would say …. who’s up for another “car analogy” from the young President?  I’m yawning. I’m yawning some more . ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

The news value here is that the President has changed up the story. Now it’s a hit and run accident with the Republicans as the law breakers. Like any lefty, you never know the true story, cause it keeps changing. I say we throw this out of court. The jury is in. It’s all a lie. BTW,  I’m not sure which is more appalling; the President using it again, or the people cheering.


I think it’s time, one more time for Iowa Hawk’s version of the story, don’t ya think?

It’s all hot, and there’s flies and bugs and so on, and we’re in our flipflops down there in the mud. [applause] Meanwhile__REPUBLICAN_CANDIDATE__ and his Republican friends are up on the blacktop, sipping on their Slurpees, laughing and telling us to work harder. [laughs, applause]

And don’t even try to point out their horrible driving that put the car in the ditch in the first place, because then they’ll accuse YOU of causing it — even though it was the Republicans who told you to grab the wheel while they torched up the one-hitter. [applause]

Yeah, smooth move there Republicans, especially with that pineapple truck coming down the other side of the highway. Hey scro, I don’t care whose hands were on the wheel – it was your ass in the damned driver’s seat and Hawaii law says it’s YOUR fault. [applause]

Well worth the read for the laughs.

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  1. TomL
    TomL says:

    He's been out campaigning so many times he can't come up with any new speeches. He's done wore out TOTUS.

  2. weregettinghosed
    weregettinghosed says:

    We laugh because it is truly funny, yet we then realize this guy, who should be no where near the public, is in fact in the public eye. Dear, dear me, from a triumph in founding freedom to this, how have we allowed this? Stop the zzzzz and wake up America. Laughing shall be well deserved when they are all in the ditch.

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