Obama outraged about pro-choice doctor’s murder, saddened by terrorist attack on recruiters

Maybe some of us are being too picky about the different ways that President Obama responded to two tragic events during the last week. You can decide for yourself.

Hat tip to Michelle for getting me to write about this one. Maybe some pundits will spend too much time reading into his statement, you know, being deeply saddened about the recruiter attack and shocked and outraged about the murder of Dr. Tiller.

Add that to the fact that his statement concerning Tiller was released almost immediately and it took three days to release the second statement, I guess you can complain about it.

But do not let this stuff take you off message. If you spend too much time on this stuff, what are you missing?

The White House finally got around to releasing a statement on the jihadi attack against our troops at the Arkansas military recruitment center.

Here is the entire statement:

“I am deeply saddened by this senseless act of violence against two brave young soldiers who were doing their part to strengthen our armed forces and keep our country safe. I would like to wish Quinton Ezeagwula a speedy recovery, and to offer my condolences and prayers to William Long’s family as they mourn the loss of their son.”

“Senseless?” It made perfectly good sense to a vengeful Muslim convert jihadi bent on “killing as many people in the Army as he could.”

For contrast, here is Obama’s full statement on the Tiller murder, issued just hours after the shooting:

I am shocked and outraged by the murder of Dr. George Tiller as he attended church services this morning. However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence.

To get you just a bit worked up, Malkin goes on…

Blood pressure alert from Doug Ross: Did White House order FBI to “back off” anti-terror investigations of radicalized Muslim converts?

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Obama's condemnation of heinous acts by radical Muslims, and possibly his orders to the FBI, could use a shot of Viagra.

  2. rush
    rush says:

    Obama obviously cares more about defending a women's right to have

    an abortion than he cares about defending this country from radical Muslims.

    Dims,keep up the fight.

  3. BEA
    BEA says:


    deeply saddened…man felt he had to take matters into his own hands to reign justice on baby killing doctor, giving anyone against abortion a bad name, (according to Obama, pro-lifers are unable to rationally discuss and just resort to violence).  

    shocked and outraged…heinous act of violence against two courageous,  patriotic soldiers prepared to give their lives for our country, (no word from Obama about how this cowardly convert handles his differences though).

  4. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Apply Occam's Razor: abortion proponents vote for abortion enthusiasts like Obama.  I doubt he worries about the military vote much.

  5. skepticalcynic
    skepticalcynic says:

    I am split here.  Following logic in this case leaves me torn.

    I, like all other pro life proponents believe that abortions kill infant human beings, do I have that right?

    If you walk by a house ever single day and KNOW that inside that house HUMAN BEINGS are being killed ON A DAILY BASIS and the authorities WILL NOT  stop it, what is your moral obligation?  Really.  This isn't a rhetorical question, this is a question that puzzles me, makes me feel guilty, puts to the test the commandment of "thou shalt not kill".  If all pro lifers REALLY consider a fetus a human being, are we all doing ENOUGH? 

    We shake our heads and say "How could those German citizens have stood by while the government oks the killing of all those people"……..but aren't we all doing the same?  And does the lipservice we give in stating our opposition to abortion relieve us of any further action?  I just wish this crap never got underway.  One, because of all those innocent lives lost and two because of the feelings of guilt and helplessness it causes ME, as selfish as that sounds.

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