Obama on Al-Arubiya TV: I Have Muslim Family Members

I thought it more than just a little interesting that his first TV interview would be to Al Arubiya TV … especially since the US economy is in free fall here (or is it?).

Even more interesting is this portion of the interview. He sends a message to Americans not to fear Muslims, then after admitting American mistakes (that didn’t sit well with me), he acknowledges his Muslim roots.


Turns out,  Al-Arubiya Correspondent Hisham Melhem tells Wolf that portion of the interview is perhaps the most important.


I know what he was getting at here … but weren’t we told not to mention his Muslim roots and his middle name?  Just asking, that’s all.

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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    His first call goes to Abbas. His first TV interview is with Al-Arabiya. My money is that his first overseas trip will be to Indonesia or another Muslim country.

    And he got at least 90% of the Jewish vote. It makes me alternately weep and laugh when I see the cars in the synagogue parking lot festooned with Obama stickers and magnets. He will sell out Israel, and not even earn 40 pieces of silver.

  2. GaryInSoGlast
    GaryInSoGlast says:

    What can I even say to this.  "Muslim world, I know you blow up our buildings and want all our people dead.  And I know it's all our fault.  Here's a fruit basket.  Can we be friends now?"

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