Obama continues to fight – needs cash to rebuild grassroots movement

We’ve got mail. Mitch Stewart from Organizing for Obama/America sent out a standard fundraising e-mail today looking for donations to get started with the campaign. The campaign never stopped…

Here’s some of the e-mail text.

Friend —

This movement was founded on a simple but game-changing idea:

That grassroots, on-the-ground organizing is the most powerful force in politics.

Powerful enough to win a historic presidential election and bring the country together after eight years of division — powerful enough to achieve health reform 100 years in the making.

The division ended more than two years ago? I would say division remains, as a matter of fact, the media has been telling us the division and rhetoric is totally out of control. Who the heck thinks the political rhetoric is more constrained?

But we got here because millions of people committed to this idea in the years and months that came before these victories — and President Obama will be the first to tell you that our work is not done.

Using the words victory and win? Can he use those terms when it comes to Afghanistan and the War on Terror?

Right now, Organizing for America is reinvesting in key states and districts, rebuilding our grassroots infrastructure, and preparing for the fights ahead.

Fights? Oh my….

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  1. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    The only fighting President Obama and his ilk understands is in the political arena, where they are nasty. However, fighting terrorists, can you say "pretty please"?

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