Obama campaign pledge #104 expires – NAFTA

This seems to be a weekly thing, if not more often. While pandering to unions and the left during the campaign, Obama clearly stated that the United States needed to revisit the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) deal since it was clearly not working.

Campaign pledge on Feb. 23, 2008 expires in 422 days. Hat tip to Jim Geraghty over at National Review Online.

Tim Russert: Senator Obama . . . Simple question: Will you, as president, say to Canada and Mexico, “This has not worked for us; we are out”?

Obama: “I will make sure that we renegotiate, in the same way that Senator Clinton talked about. And I think actually Senator Clinton’s answer on this one is right. I think we should use the hammer of a potential opt-out as leverage to ensure that we actually get labor and environmental standards that are enforced. And that is not what has been happening so far.” February 23, 2008

FINAL EXPIRATION DATE: “The Obama administration said on Monday that it had no plans to reopen negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement to revise its labor and environmental provisions, as then-Senator Barack Obama promised to do during his presidential campaign. “The president has said we will look at all of our options, but I think they can be addressed without having to reopen the agreement,” said Ronald Kirk, the United States trade representative. April 20, 2009

All statements from Barack Obama come with an expiration date. All of them.

Notice the emphasis in that debate — he will “make sure” the U.S. renegotiates NAFTA.

Hot Air also has the video. Ed Morrissey was right on top of this back on Feb. 20.


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  1. Erik Blazynski
    Erik Blazynski says:

    Obama: "I am not sure those were the last words that I said." One would hope that in principal he knows what he says. No one is asking his for exact words, just know where you principally stand on an issue.

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