NRCC body slams Oregon Democrat representative – Ends career in politics

Maybe the fool will resign, but I doubt it. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) points out even though U.S. House Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.) called out President Obama’s “you can keep your plan, keep your doctor period” promise as “grossly misleading,” Schrader himself made the exact same promise to voters, multiple times!

From the NRCC website, we’re reminded what Schrader said during a video interview with Laural Porter, from KGW News Channel 8 in Portland.

I think the President was grossly misleading to the American public… So I think the president saying you could stay with it and not being honest that a lot of these policies were going to get cancelled was grossly misleading to the American public and is causing added stress and added strife as we go through a really difficult time with health care.

Schrader said he knew policies changed all the time. He is trying to re-write is own historical statements. He used the term “grossly misleading” at least twice in the interview.


Well guess what his website said up until a few hours ago?

If you are insured and are happy with your current coverage, nothing changes. You will still benefit from all the efforts to drive down the overall costs of health care. The ACA has many tools in place to help develop a more efficient health care delivery system focused on quality of care, not quantity of care.

That page seems to have been scrubbed from Schrader’s website, but there is still a PDF document that was updated on April 12, 2010 with his summary of health care reform. It includes these sentences on page 2,, in the third paragraph. (They will scrub that soon, so I grabbed it and have the full PDF for you here.)

If individuals like their current plan they may keep that plan for as long as they would like under the final proposal. These grandfathered plans will have most of the same consumer protections added as in the newer qualified plans.

Why is Schrader changing his tune? Well just like every other House Democrat along with a bunch of Senate Democrats … he’s up for election less than a year from now.


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  1. bien-pensant
    bien-pensant says:

    As of this evening, the number of Oregonians who have signed up on the online health insurance marketplace is zero. He has to be sweating as there are literally thousands of people who have gotten their insurance cancelled and are going to want to know why.
    Soon these vulnerable incumbents will be using Clinton’s lines to distance themselves from Obama and the ACA debacle.
    By next year, Obama will be toxic to many democrats. Yes!
    If the Republicans can’t capitalize on this, then . . .

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Sounds like the poor man’s version of Joe Wilson’s very prescient and accurate “YOU LIE!” comment.? I wonder if he has actually read the ACA bill yet?

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