NJ Governor Chris Christie: “The day of reckoning is here.”

I’ll take one of these please. May I have a Governor like this one please. More please. Tough choices and the unions hate him, but the people of New Jersey love him. Why? Not because he’s a budget cutter. Because they know the day of reckoning is at hand too.I am posting just one portion of the speech but the entire video, produced by the Governor’s office is a must watch even at  six minutes long.

In it he lays out exactly why the spending must stop and why state workers must accept the reality of the day of reckoning. Simply put, state worker demands, and other government programs are bankrupting his state and the country. Some key moments: There is no free lunch, its just somebody else paying for what is free to you. They will try to tell you things will be taken from you, but these things are already being taken. We need to turn things around for children and grandchildren or they will leave.


The entire video can be found at Hot Air, plus an interesting tidbit. The NJ state unions are raising the dues of their members to fight Christie. He’s touched a nerve.

UPDATE: while you’re at it … take our poll … and then go here and take the poll at Hot Air please. It’s at the bottom of the page.

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  1. Law-AbidingCitizen
    Law-AbidingCitizen says:

    It's about time that a politician told the TRUTH! Yes, we need a Gov. Christie in Connecticut.

    The standard joke about state workers is that there is one person working at a time while four or five other "workers" watch, make phone calls, read the paper, text, or sip their coffee. The standard state worker pose is down on one knee watching "work" or leaning on the end of a rusty long-handled shovel.

    That's why it takes soooooooo long for any bridge to be replaced or repaired. Up here in NW CT we call them "retirement projects."

  2. joe_m
    joe_m says:

    If NJ can elect a Christie, maybe CT has a chance. Now we just need to find him or her.

    Vicevich or Coulter, do you hear the calling?

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