Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson sells out for cash

The most open and honest Congress evah, backed by a President who vowed an end to “business as usual”, showed once again its true colors today. I am not surprised but I am outraged. Just follow the money folks.

Ben Nelson didn’t come cheap. In addition to the abortion restrictions he wanted, he also got a very nice pay out to his state of Nebraska: the feds will pay 100% of its Medicaid costs, forever.

The bill raises eligibility for Medicaid, so that’s been a big deal for opponents and governors complaining about unfunded mandates.

Senate Majority Leader Harry insisted federally funded Medicaid for Nebraska forever was just a small part of it all for Nelson, and he said there were also deals cut to try to win a few Republicans.

The irony here (as I detail below) is because of Nelson, abortion coverage actually expands. But I digress. I have two Nelson bites. The first Nelson explains he is voting for the proposal because he has heard the heart wrenching stories of the uninsured. Apparently he didn’t hear the any of what the vast majority of Americans said. He also says he is a big believer in the free market, and then gives his blessing to massive government control over the private sector. Finally he says he opposes federally funded abortions, and proceeds to highlight increased abortion coverage around the country. Ben Nelson, like the rest, is a weasel. I am outraged. You should be too.


Here’s bite number two. Nelson takes a whack primarily at the folks who oppose this bill, which would be you, and makes the outlandish statement (not in this clip) that he would not vote for this bill if it wasn’t going to improve healthcare. This of course is outlandish. He wouldn’t have supported this bill were it not for the billions we will be sending Nebraska. The bill cuts Medicare, eliminates medicare avantage, sets up a ponzi scheme in the class act provision, allows the Federal government to set protocol on medical treatment as well as payments. He knows its a bad bill which is why it took millions to win this weasel over.


Jim Hoft over at Gateway has more.

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    Obama's dictatorship continues to threaten the very solvency of the Union. Passing unequal law where some states pay into programs while others don't goes to the very root fear of our founding fathers. They feared  smaller less powerful  states would become food for the larger states. This is why each state has 2 senators regardless of the population count, as a check on corruption. Nebraska and VT will become the national graveyards where all the other 48 states ship off their elderly   to die.

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