Miss me yet?

I know I do. Set aside for the moment that he bought into Nancy Johnson’s outrageously expensive Medicare prescription drug program and try to remember this was the man who saw Islamofascism as a threat to national security and the battle against the terrorists as a war and not a police action.

A man who saw his nation under attack and vowed not to let it happen again. Remember too, he was the man who refused to cave to the lefties who screamed the war was lost, and instead retooled his strategy in Iraq so Obama could claim victory. And who’s strategy of counter terrorism in Afghanistan, kept the Taliban in check with minimal casualties.

Bush didn’t just understand the use of military force, he respected the men and women who served.

Former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, made a surprise visit to U.S. troops this afternoon.

They showed up at the USO in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. There they mingled with the returning soldiers, thanked them, chatted and posed for photos as proof of the unexpected encounter for folks back home.

The USO just posted an assortment of the photos on its Facebook page, which quickly drew a growing list of appreciative comments.

This guys just loves you guys and you can see it. These pictures come to us courtesy of the USO Facebook page

and here’s another

Thanks to instapundit pointing this one out this morning. Oh, wait, there’s one more:

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  1. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    I LOVED President Bush, even though I may not have agreed 100% with all his policies.  We knew where we stood with him.  He said something and then did his best to bring it to pass (how many politicians can one say that about)?  Also, he restored dignity and presence to the office of the Presidency and had a moral character based on principals, yet was by no means a wimp (like another "Christian" president we had).  I think Bush was very much misunderstood and "misunderstimated," and history and eternity will accord him much better kudos than his "contempt"ories.  God bless him and his family.

  2. OkieJim
    OkieJim says:

    Miss him? Yeah, in a way. I miss adult leadership, period. The current Bozo in the White House isn't it.

  3. chris-os
    chris-os says:

    The battle cry for the democrats should be how much the republicans miss Bush and want to return to the Bush years.

    Gosh, I would make such a great campaign strategist!

  4. sammy22
    sammy22 says:

    Perhaps by missing Pres. Bush, the Republicans will begin to stop missing Pres. Reagan. Is that a good thing?

  5. Dialup
    Dialup says:

    He gave us HSAs. This is the free market answer to fixing healthcare. He attempted to fix social security. Unfortunately nobody can handle the truth. Nobody had W's back. He wasn't just a politician he actually tried to fix things.

    • chris-os
      chris-os says:

      I saw leadership!

      Led us into a crashed economy. Led us into skyrocketing unemployment. Led us into a war by lying. Led us to miss the capture of our enemy, Osama Bin Laden by diluting the troops and resources in Afghan. Led us to ignore the warnings of katrina. Led us from a $128 bill surplus to a $482 bill deficit. Led us by doubling the national debt to $11 trillion. Led us to $700 billion TARP payments, ill4egal wiretapping, accessing private emails and removal of civil rights.

      yep, hose the mud off  him  and people will forget-NOT!

      BTW, if the R's miss him sooo much, why are they shaking in their boots that his memoirs may be released prior to Nov.?

      • OkieJim
        OkieJim says:

        What you cite you didn't see … you let the left-wing propaganda masters in the media feed it to you, hook, line and sinker.


        You can't be blamed for being exposed to the lies. You can be blamed for failing to apply critical thought to them.

      • scottm
        scottm says:

        Thanks Chris, you hit it right on the button, you might want to add that he didn't respect the troops too much when he vaulted over them to join the National Guard to stay out of Vietnam.  He and his chickenhawk friends got us into 2 wars and his friends got rich off them.  But you have to give him credit fo coining the term freedom fries when the French did not cooperate, that took raw courage!  And who can forget Bush standing on a U.S navy ship pretending to be a fighter pilot under the banner MISSION ACCOMPLISHED several years back.  Obama is not claiming victory he just wants us out of there and rightly voted against us invading.  I just wish the guy who threw his boots at Bush didn't miss him.

      • Sal C
        Sal C says:

        Chris what do you mean when you said

        "Led us to ignore the warnings of katrina"

        and what role did the politicians in New Orleans and Louisiana  ?

      • Dimsdale
        Dimsdale says:

        Gee chris!  You must be really impressed with Øbama and the Democrat Congress (in power since Jan 2007) who have already tripled Bush's most onerous deficit.  You remember that one: "the worst economy since the Great Depression"?


        Now correlate the economy with the party in control of Congress.  Here is some help: http://www.agoyandhisblog.com/2010/03/26/every-pi

  6. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    Jim, you had me in tears in the car listening this morning…Bush made me feel safe…he is a genuine and decent man…to look at where this country is now, saddens me beyond belief.  I still love my country, but I sure don't love Obama and the way he has taken this country down into the gutter.  My two favorite presidents during the course of my life? Reagan and George W. Bush.  Dangerous times with the both of them, and they protected our borders and US.

    God bless George for STILL going out there to greet those soldiers returning home…They loved him then, they love him now.  What's not to love?

  7. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    I notice one big difference: they (the Democrats, the media etc.) kept telling us how "stupid" Bush was until it became "common knowledge" or another Big Lie.  When people actually met him, they found that he was quite bright and intelligent.


    Now they (same bunch) have been telling us how intelligent and cerebral Øbama is, until it too, has become "common knowledge".  Similarly, people who have met him have found the opposite to be true.

    • scottm
      scottm says:

      Yes, Bush was smart he could use words like nukuler and evildoers.  He also knew Putin was sincere because he peered into his eyes and saw his soul.  Bush was Cheney and Rove's puppet, if they said jump he asked how high.  During the 2008 campaign McCain and Palin tried to stay as far away from him as they could because they were terrified he might endorse them and sink their campaign but they were 8 years too late.  Bush tried to act like he was the regular Joe Texan but he was just a spoiled rich kid who was born with a silver spoon.  Someone said this about his father but I think it applies to him, "He was born on third base and thought he hit a triple"

      • Dimsdale
        Dimsdale says:

        Actually, Jimmy Carter, who was a nuclear engineer in the Navy, said it the same way.  It is the way they speak, like "co cola" and "chimbley".  Evildoer is a word.  So is terrorist, although you wouldn't know it by this administration.  Øbama says "Pokeestan" and "weewee'd up".


        Whose puppet is Øbama?  George Soros?  David Axelrod?  His teleprompter?  Øbama couldn't look into any dictator's eyes from his typical, subservient, bowing position.


        I thought John Kerry was the poster boy for spoiled rich kids?  Or was that Ted Kennedy?

      • Dimsdale
        Dimsdale says:

        Oh, and have you noticed how radioactive Øbama has become for Democrat candidates this election?

      • scottm
        scottm says:

        John kerry who I never liked does not pretend he's not rich and neither did Kennedy.  Yes I think evildoer was put into the dictionary after Superman comic books used it for a few years.  I guess Obama should have scribbled notes on his hand like Sarah Palin rather than use a teleprompter.  As for the dialect, why didn't his brother Jeb speak like that when they were raised in the same house? The typical subservient bowing position?  At least he didn't hold hands with them while walking across the white house lawn.

      • gillie28
        gillie28 says:

        Evil doers comes from the Bible or "SuperGod."

        As in:Ps 94:16

        "Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?"

        Good question for each of us to ponder.


  8. weregettinghosed
    weregettinghosed says:

    Do we miss Bush? If you love freedom and liberty you have to. Obama is the direct opposite of everything Bush stood for.

    While some of Bush's policies may not have been exactly what we wanted or liked, they were not directly put into effect because he hated America, rather he did so because he was trying to get along in a bipartisan way. That may have been his biggest mistake – trying to be bipartisan – it could not be done with who was in DC at the time. The same that are there now.

    We need Bush to come out and speak his mind right now and rally people to get involved. We see Carter spilling out his garbage so why not Bush speaking out for freedom?

    Bush loved Regan so it is no wonder that his leadership in America mirrored Reagan. Their love of America came shining through!!

  9. sammy22
    sammy22 says:

    Seems like nobody wants to hear from/about the other Pres. Bush. As to Pres. George W. Bush, it's easier to change the subject and pile on Pres. Obama than to confront what went wrong while Pres. George W. Bush was president.

    • winnie888
      winnie888 says:

      Are you SERIOUS?  "pile on Pres. Obama than to confront what went wrong while Pres. George W. Bush was president"?????  Obama has been playing the blame game with everything that he's touched that has turned to crap…Obama's classic excuse is that he "inherited it" (and "it" could be ANYthing) from Bush!  I wish this dude would man-up and take responsibility for the office instead of playing President and creating mess after mess after mess.  I'm sick of listening to him whine and b**** and moan about what he "inherited".  And if it's even possible, I miss Bush even more than I did earlier this morning.  sheesh.


      • BEA
        BEA says:

        "…man-up and take responsibility for the office instead of playing President and creating mess after mess after mess.  I’m sick of listening to him whine and b**** and moan about what he “inherited”.  And if it’s even possible, I miss Bush even more than I did earlier this morning.  sheesh."

        AGREE!!! There's nothing more unappealing than a man who won't stand up, stop blaming others, be responsible, and be a man.

  10. hank III
    hank III says:

    For those who didn't think President Bush should have gotten us into two wars I have just one question! What would you have done in his place? 9/11 killed almost 3,000 people in the center of one of the most powerful cities in our country/world. The heart beat of our financial life blood! STABBED when we had our back turned!

    3000 people! Just another September day and 3,000 people lost their lives! What did THEY DO to deserve that? It is our DUTY as their fellow Americans to fight back for them and the ones they left behind.

    So my  question still stands. WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE?


    • scottm
      scottm says:

      I agreed with entering Afghanistan, the taliban had taken over and they were training and harboring terrorists.  Iraq however was another story.  They said they had weapons of mass destruction which was a lie, I can still remember them showing us a picture of a tractor trailer and saying it was a mobile nuclear lab.  I lost respect for any of the pols who voted for this and that includes Kerry and Hillary Clinton.  They voted for it because they thought the political winds were blowing that way.  When Howard Dean came out against the war they realized there were a lot of people  against the war.  When no wmd's were found they changed their tune and said we needed to get rid of a ruthless dictator, Iraq was actually more forward thinking than people realize, Saddam had women and christians in his cabinet, see if Saudi Arabia has any.  We had Iraq pinned down for several years they were less of a threat than other countries, so what if Saddam rattled his sword once in a while.  We were not attacked by a country we were attacked by a terrorist group most of whom were from Saudi Arabia.

  11. sammy22
    sammy22 says:

    Way to go winnie888: proved my point. History will show that everything was just peachy during Pres. Bush's years. And maybe we all should have kept on going shopping, as he advised us.

    • winnie888
      winnie888 says:

      Wanting Obama to man-up and take responsibility for the office means I proved that everything was just peachy during the Bush years?  I think it simply proves that Obama is a whiny president with an astonishing lack of experience and certainly no sense of personal responsibility for what he's done TO this country, so he and his people continue to beat the "blame Bush" drum.   Personally, I'm terrified that he's only 18 months into this presidency.  There's waaaaay too much time left in his term.

  12. rickyrock
    rickyrock says:

    You gotta be kidding me ?? Miss what …..they rant about Michelle Obama's Spain vacation when George Bush took 977 days off of his eight year stint………gee what's that 2.67 years off …….what a joke.The Iraq war should never have happened, my friends cousin just lost a large portion of his left arm from an ied .Do any of you have your sons or daughters there.. i doubt it ….I think they would call you chicken hawks…….Hannity Rush,Newt …..none of them served… George Bush got in the air national guard ahead of others do to some "pull" ….this kept him out of harms way.Let's not forget his buddies…Ken Lay and Bernie Ebbers……..I have so much more………..Give us a break this guy should be tried for murder.

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      Let's see how many days the Øbamas take off in eight years.  Maybe you should take a look at Congress, off on another "recess" while unable to even produce and pass a budget in this economy.


      The whole TANG thing was beaten to death and shown not to be true (the "pull' thing), even though the media and the Democrats did their best to make it so.  Ask Blumenthal the same questions.


      Now go through the list of Øbama's buddies….(just to be fair).

    • scottm
      scottm says:

      Bush needed all that time off to clear the brush from his ranch.  He could have done a lot more for the soldiers like not sent them off to get killed and maimed without any plan on how to get out once we got there. 

    • TomL
      TomL says:

      Ricky you ravings are way out of line. There are some of us that have kids serving, grand kids serving or we have served. As for chickenhawks I can tell that you haven't served but you critcize others for not serving. You talk the talk but you haven't walked the walk ,get off your butt, enlist, serve your country and then you can moan about whats wrong.  I keep wondering when obama is going to spend time in the office and actually work instead of flying here and there blaming President Bush for obama's shortcomings. Oh and about those 977 days most were spent in Texas  at his ranch which also served as the Texas Whitehouse and he worked and had meetings with foreign dignataries there. Don't think you know that because you were probably in 2nd grade at the time and your socialist teachers were telling you it was wrong.

    • BEA
      BEA says:


      I don't have any children serving in the military (they are too young). BUT I actually do have many friends who have young men that have chosen to enlist (9 off the top of my head). These boys know EXACTLY what they are in for and they've enlisted anyway.  They love their country and want to serve and protect Her and us!!!  And your friend's cousin…I'll bet he knew what he was signing up for too.

      • scottm
        scottm says:

        Most of the people enlisting are 18 to 20 years old and still think they're indestructable, thats why the military wants young people they are very impressionable.  They realize the danger but figure they won't be the ones to get hurt.  A lot of them are good kids and a lot are not just like any segment of society.  And contrary to popular belief, not all of them have served honorably.

  13. rickyrock
    rickyrock says:

    Interesting ……….if George Bush is so overwhelmingly popular why isn't he actively campaigning for the Repubs………could it be THEY DON'T WANT HIM………….just watching some old campaign footage I believe he is already harming their efforts.Better delay that ghost written book release party..

    I don't like the Dems but I hate the Republicans………..bigger hypocrites.

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      Former presidents have a code of honor, if you will, where they do not interfere in the affairs of their successors.  True, Carter and Clinton have pretty much blown that out of the water.


      Now you can tell us why Democrats are fleeing the current president.

  14. brianh
    brianh says:

    President Bush was fiscally irresponsible and allowed socialism creep, Obama has opened the floodgates—whether it's money from the printing room at the Treasury & taking on debt from unfriendly countries, leading a leftist march towards a dream of utopian marxism. Personally, I'll go with Bush about 60% and Obama 10%. I appreciate the wisdom of many comments above and recognize some talking points.

    Now we need to move on, though. We need new republicans/grassroots tea party supporters including the likes of Paul Ryan & Dr Coburn. We need to move on to address the issues, avoid insolvency, and prevent poverty for all but the elite ruling class.

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