Mike Walsh: Obama’s executive power grab

While you were sleeping, the young president has been slowly implementing his pro labor and anti-oil agenda. No congressional action necessary. As Mike Walsh says three executive branches have been boiled down to one central government head, the White House.

We talked about this extensively on Thursday show, detailing the outrageous power grab on the part of the White House. Mike details right here how the White House is moving to control energy policy and promote organized labor, by passing Congress in becoming the ultimate determiner in all things policy. Wake up my little mobsters your representative government is slowly disappearing. Or do I mean quickly disappearing?

Having lost the House of Representa tives in the last election, the Obama administration is now imposing “fun damental change” via executive order, regulatory fiat and political pressure. Talk about the unitary executive:

* The Environmental Protection Agency has ruled that Shell Oil Co. may not drill for oil this summer in the Arctic Circle off Alaska, where an estimated 27 billion barrels of domestic oil are waiting to be extracted.

Never mind that Shell’s already spent nearly $4 billion on the project,

* The National Labor Relations Board has filed a complaint against a private employer, Boeing, for having the capitalist gall to want to move 30 percent of its Dreamliner jumbo-jet production from highly unionized Washington State to right-to-work South Carolina.

* The NLRB is also suing Arizona and South Dakota over voter-approved state constitutional amendments that would require workers to vote in secret-ballot elections, instead of just signing cards saying they wished to unionize. The “card check” bill couldn’t make it into law even in the old, hyper-Democratic Congress.

There is so much more, so make sure you read the entire article and memorize. But it’s the final paragraph that Mike writes, that’s the real truth teller.

It all boils down to this: Are we to be a constitutional government with three distinct branches, or a single executive entity that makes policy, carries it out and decides for itself whether it’s constitutional or not?

That’s what the next presidential race is really all about.

At a time when gas prices have squeezed home budgets to the breaking point, and at a time when labor unions are doing their best to kill the economy( see General Motors and Chrysler) this president is using executive power to implement a leftist agenda that promotes organized labor, and inhibit oil exploration. It’s counter intuitive unless you understand the man in the White House. It’s all about the ends.

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  1. Cliff G
    Cliff G says:

    Jim, I gotta tell ya,? I couldn’t read past your first sentence because you called President Obama the “young” President, again.? You know he’s not really that young, at….what is he about 47…that’s middle aged!!??And don’t tell me that you just mean he’s been in office for a short time.? How “young” do you imagine he is?? 30?? 20?? 10?!?!?!?? Everytime you call our 1st African-American President “young”,? I can’t help hearing, “Boy!!!”? I understand that Conservatives don’t like to be thought of as racist, but if you don’t stop calling our President, “the young president”, and apologize on the air for past indiscretions, I’m going to continue to believe that you are using the cover of semantics to hide an obvious racial prejudice you hold against President Obama.

    • Dottie
      Dottie says:

      Aw Cliff,? Obama is extremely ‘young’? in experience.? The more real life experience I got the more conservative I became.? I earned my ‘wealth’ and I don’t want to loose it, and I don’t want to be “shamed” or told that I HAVE to share.? New taxes, More taxes are a BITCH when you have a fixed income and when you loose $25000.00 of your annual income.

    • GdavidH
      GdavidH says:

      Racial prejudice?….That’s a stretch.

      Whatever color? the thin?skin of our half caucasion president….He is a?man child!

    • phil
      phil says:

      Racist? Or realist? Jim gives the ‘young’ Pretender to the Throne much more respect than the “young’ Pretender gives the Constitution, the laws of the land, or the citizens of this great country.? Sorry, I am not going to lick “His Ineptness’ ” boots just because of skin pigment.? If that’s racist, then deal with it!

  2. Gary J
    Gary J says:

    ?Judging by what’s happened so far in the Obama administration God help us in the next year and a half. Looks a lot like the Republicans are fixing to help Obama’s next term with a bunch of bull and rinos running .

  3. Cliff G
    Cliff G says:

    Time to be responsible adults here.? If our national experience has taught us anything, it is that if we are not careful, African Americans will be treated differently than Caucasians.? I find it interesting that as soon as the country started to address African-American issues, all of a sudden we needed to be “color blind”.? Nonsense!? We never have been, nor should we ever be “blind” to our differences; its what make us all individuals. And while justice is suppose to be blind, your kind of “blindness” leads to intolerance, prejudice, and indeed injustice.

    Calling a white president young may be O.K.,? apply it to an African-American and you?conjure up images that should not be present in a Free and Democratric Nation.? Be careful with your free speech, because while you may be injuring the President (something that by itself may be “bad”),? in the eyes of Americans who can still reason, you’re hurting your own cause, too.

    • TomL
      TomL says:

      Cliff, only in your head does calling obama the “young president” bring up?the race card.? Typical lefty tactic.

  4. Cliff G
    Cliff G says:


    Ever since Ronald Reagan toured the South with Republican Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, campaigning against the newly minted Federal Civil Right and Voting Rights Bills, Republicans and Conservatives have been pandering to the worst instincts of America’s white male population.? Don’t you think it’s time that we moved past this “pile”, and get on with the Nation’s serious business? You may be fooling yourselves, but if you pay attention to the “mainstream media”, most of the rest of the country is catching on to your antics.? Proceed at your own risk!

  5. TomL
    TomL says:

    GdavidH what scares me is when he’s voted out what he try’s to do?during the lame duck session.

  6. Cliff G
    Cliff G says:

    TomL and GdavidH:

    You’re so rapped up in your “property rights” world, you can’t even tell the differences between “lies” and truth” and “interior” and “exterior” realities.? Facts are fact,?and all you have to defend yourself are your warped opinions of yourselves and the world around you.? Keep it up guys, your gross ignorance is music to my Liberal Democrat ears!

    • socialenemy
      socialenemy says:

      What are you even talking about?? This topic is to discuss Obama’s power grab and destruction of our three branch government, not what you conjure up as being racist.
      Jim has said on his show NUMEROUS times if you actually took the time to research your “facts” that he refers to Obam as the “Young” President because Jim is in FACT OLDER than Obama and 47 to him is quite young.? Sorry to burst your bubble of lies and fiction but next time you should actually take the time to find the truth as opposed to making your own.

      As for the topic at hand, it’s disgusting how the president is trying to manuever his way around the constitution and how the government is supposed to work. I feel it’s only a matter of time before Obama stands before the Congress in a black hooded robe and declares himself the Emperor of America…

      Not kidding. 🙁

    • Steve M
      Steve M says:

      You’ve got to be friggin’ kidding me. That’s all you’ve got in specific reference to this topic? Conservatives are racist? If you’ve got nothing to say about the specific post, don’t hit the submit comment button OK?

      You come in here and specifically toss the race card when it has nothing at all to do with the story. Don’t do that again.

    • GdavidH
      GdavidH says:

      What Cliff??????? My gross ignorance? Ignorance of what, your babbling idiocy? Oh, see what you did…. You brought me down to your level. I know you are but what am I. What is an interior or exterior reality? Did you make that up or is that commie speak?

      Prpoerty rights world?????? Where is your commune? Do you share your car with everyone on your street?? Can anyone walk in your residence and raid your frige or take your TV because they might not have one?


  7. Cliff G
    Cliff G says:

    To All:

    I didn’t read the rest of the post because with his first step Jim reveals where his head is “at”; ?and you do, too!? I don’t care how Jim and you rationalize calling President Obama “young”,? the fact is he is an African-American male and calling him “young” reveals to me, a white male, racial undertones;? I can only?imagine what an African-American male would experience.

    Your speech is insensitive and your politics is inhumane.??Seems to me that the real Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t even exist in your corrupted universe.? He’s just an “anti” “bogeyman” who needs?to be destroyed for your own political and economic purposes.?? Try reading my first two comments again.? They contain historical facts you need to be considering.? As for me, I’ve already indicated where? I think you folks are heading politically.?As a Liberal Democrat, on a certain level I may not like what you’re saying, but I think it helps our cause.? In short,? I think you’re heading for a fall.?

    These will be my last words on this subject for now.

    P.S. On “rapped”?? Duh!? After I reread it I decided it must have been an unconscious idea.? Your “rap” is gettting pretty tiresome!

    • PatRiot
      PatRiot says:

      For the record – “young” was used by one of the Democrats in defending the President on one of his decisions. Jim V., as I did, ?took?that?as if this Dem was?asking for everyone to give him a pass due to his inexperience – not race, not age (Kennedy and Clinton – eh)
      ?That much I recall.??
      If we descend into fighting the “he said- she said, left vs ?right, black vs white, rich vs poor” battle, we will lose this Democratic Republic.? Then we ALL lose.?
      This is the battle we need to fight together on:?? ANY other form of government is less free that what we have.? And what we have is fast slipping away.?
      The Repubs bought us the Patriot Act and that is not freedom enhancing document AT ALL.??And did Bachman ever file with SCOTUS about her ” Obamacare is unconstitutional”?.? Neither party upholds the Constitution whan it comes to?securing the border or even allowing a state to defend itself.??
      We were Americans before we were of any party.? We need to?defend the Constitution and the rule of law, if? for nothing?else, our self preservation.
      Let us not lose?our freedoms?because we were?bickering.
      Let us not lose the greatest form of government while it is being changed under the guise of defeating capitalism.
      Let us not confuse political and business arrogance with intelligence.
      Let us not let those parties confuse our civil discourse and?peaceable assembly?to be interpreted as a sign of subservience.


    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      ?bama is an incompetent, with a background steeped in socialist, anti American rhetoric and little else.
      Oh yeah, he happens to be black.? So what?? Why does every criticism of him have to be racially motivated?? Unless that is some form of projection….

  8. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    Fact – the Patriot Act took some of our freedoms.? Fact – Some depts(EPA) now have powers to act without Congress.? Fact – Bush and Obama have made sweeping changes without Congress due to the?unprecedented executive powers in place due to the wars (War Powers Act?).
    Theory – Congress will soon be moot.? In english – our form of representative government will be gone.??The party affiliation of the next?President?will be moot.?
    Draw your own conclusions, but I think the average citizen’s rights are doomed if ANY of us let this continue.??
    I will not toss out my form of government because of the ineptitude/deception of the entire current elected staff.
    What say you?

  9. Cliff G
    Cliff G says:

    What say I?? Republicans and Conservatives have been tearing at the political fabric of this great Nation since the 1960s (If the truth be known, the assault on our public institutions started with the Industrial Revolution).? This country was started by liberals, and most of our best progress was?made under Liberal Presidents (Jefferson, Madison, Jackson, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson, FDR, Truman, Kennedy, and LBJ).?

    If I were to rate President Obama’s performance as a liberal, he just about gets passing grades:? his response to the Financial Crisis was seen by many as weak; the Stimulus Package didn’t go far enough with job creation measures;? he caved in to health care lobbyist on Health Care Reform; and his foreign policy looks strangely familiar (does the name George W. Bush mean anything to you?).? Still he is a very intelligent man, with pragmatic instincts that should serve us well as we work to move our Nation forward.

    On the other hand, what I hear from Republicans and Conservatives is truly frightening.? You want to end a safety net for Seniors that has been around since the 1930s;? ditto Health Care that has been around since the 1960s.? And you do this all in the name of failed economic?policies (Reaganomics) which has: destroyed our Nation’s equitable tax and wage structures; created budget deficits;? ballooned the national debt;? all while hurting America’s work force and shipping a good chunk of our industrial base overseas.? What is it that you have to recommend your ideas to the American people?

    Rather than continuing what appears to me to be a tired rant, we need to start a national dialogue about our Nation’s business, public and private.? But?you folks want to spend all your time undoing the good things liberals have done since our country’s existence.?? Instead of the 1990s you prefer the 1980s; instead of the 1960s you like the 1950s.? You prefer? the 1920s to the 1930s;? the 1890s to the 1900s; the 1840s to the 1870s; and I have a sneaking suspicion you’d like the 1500s more than 1776.? In short your political instincts are not conservative, but they are rather reactionary.

    If you can’t do the dialogue,? I’d like to see you all retired!? With the way you’re talking, maybe the American people have a good shot at the latter.

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