McCain Tries to Reassure Conservatives

Now McCain needs to “buff up” his image. Great.

McCain Buffs Hawkish Image
Front-Runner Tries To Reassure Conservatives
By MARK PAZNIOKAS, Courant Staff Writer, February 4, 2008
FAIRFIELD – John McCain cast himself Sunday as heir to Ronald Reagan on domestic spending and a strict-constructionist on judicial nominations, messages intended to reassure conservatives less than 48 hours before the Super Tuesday primaries.

McCain, whose candidacy appeared doomed last summer, now is poised to take over as the Republican front-runner Tuesday, if conservatives remain split among McCain, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee.

He is not Reagan. I’m not looking for Reagan, I’m looking for a conservative. Looking for proof that he is not a conservative? I’m not going to post links to everything, but this information is all over the Internet and it is not a personal attack.

  • I have serious issues with his stance on illegal aliens. His support for the amnesty program is not in my best interest – or the USAs.
  • He’s for drivers licenses for illegal aliens and has no apparent issues with sanctuary cities.
  • I do not, and did not, support his campaign finance reform legislation. It did not do any good anyway and it was just feel-good legislation. Certainly took no money out of politics and restricted free speech.
  • His opinion on global warming/climate change – or whatever it is called today – is alarming at best.
  • He’s expressed that we should not be drilling for oil in ANWAR, or anywhere else it seems.
  • He clearly had issues with the nomination of Samuel Alito. He says that he had no issue with him, but it was well documented that he did not like him because he thought he was too conservative. Therefore, I would be VERY concerned that he would nominate “middle of the road” justices and judges that would be making law instead of interpreting the law with respect to The U.S. Constitution.
  • In public and on the record, McCain has stated that he would not raise taxes. For many reasons, I just don’t believe him.
  • I have some issues with his current advisers, both paid and unpaid. One example is the founder of Univision, Jerry Perenchio, who is currently National Finance Co-chair of McCain 2008. Perenchio poured millions – including providing free advertising time – into fighting California’s Prop. 227 that pushed for schools to immerse kids into the English language, instead of the crazy bilingual system that never gave kids a chance at success. Prop 227 passed in a state-wide vote by a 2 to 1 margin. What’s McCain’s position on this?
  • During a recent debate, he indicated that there were greedy folks on Wall Street that caused people to get loans that they really could not afford. He thinks the blame lies with the banks. I have an issue with this, especially since I’m one of those people that did about 15 minutes of calculations four years ago to figure out what we could afford for our own mortgage. I’m still able to meet my payments.
  • I question his management ability. He has not managed anything at all since he was in the Navy. You’ll note that many presidents come from the rank of governor instead of Congress.
  • He knows what torture is, and should have spoken up against the people who were describing loud rock music, sleep deprivation and putting on a dog collar as torture.
  • Water-boarding has been proven to work on a few occasions and I’m for it. He’s not.
  • He’s not a conservative.

That is all for now. For those who will be voting tomorrow, I think our best bet may be Romney and that’s who I will be voting for. He’s definitely got some issues with understanding the 2nd Amendment, but we can not be one-issue voters in these situations.

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