Matthews thinks BP executives should be executed or something like that

Actually I am not sure what he means. In last night’s segment Matthews had a couple lefty ecoguests on to discuss the BP oil spill and course he uses it as an opportunity to wage war not just on BP but capitalism too.

And while he was at it, he defined what I guess he thought was the perfect punishment for the BP executives. China, of course, is the model used in determining punishment. You know, the same China our Assistant Secretary of State apologized to because of our “racist” Arizona law. These lefties are just unreal.

Watch, relax and enjoy, your Chris Matthews moment of the day. Well until tomorrow.


Good Lord this guy hates capitalism. So much so he want us to enact the laws of a totalitarian regime that routinely uses snipers to pick off Buddhist monks escaping to India. As for capitalism. I can understand his disdain. He clearly doesn’t earn his millions.

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  1. theignorantfisherman
    theignorantfisherman says:

    Abort the unborn, protect the criminals, give needles to the drug addicts, Be godless and a sexual deviant… and that's ok ..but spill some oil or drive a SUV then it's rack for ya Jonhnny…. upside down world.

    Social pollution is a greater crime.

  2. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    Perhaps Matthews would like to  put his money where his mouth is and give away all those millions he earns – I'll volunteer to be first in line.  Of couse, I'll carry an umbrella to approach his mouth because he spits so much.

    • fishergirl
      fishergirl says:

      I have an idea for a 'quick' cleanup of the major oil spill in the Gulf. Now we won't be inhumane about this, unlike the way all the sealife is being treated.  I suggest we put all the executives that are pointing fingers at one another & put them in life vests & put them smack in the middle of the oil spill. Watch how fast it is cleaned up then.

      Karen J

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