Matthews on Palin, Steele and God – Scary

Well yes … just the thought of him talking about this is scary … but its actually a word he uses to describe Governor Sarah Palin speaking about God. The topic is a Palin speech in which she mentions that before the VP debate she was looking for someone to pray with but couldn’t find anyone. Matthews believes she is taking a shot at the McCain Camp. He could be right on that. 

More disturbing is how he and his guests go on to take shots at people who pray together, people who speak to God and listen to God as well, and people who make God a very public part of every part of their lives. Oooooo, scary.


A few things.It is common for Christians to hold hands and quietly pray together, and yes many of us “talk” to God, and listen to God as He guides our lives. That is a hard concept for some to understand. As for religious intolerance, there was plenty of that on display in this clip.

Finally “Render unto Caesar those things that are Caesar’s”, was a response specifically about taxation but in general refers to a person’s faith in God and his relationship to the society in which he lives. Theology is not my long suit but while there are many many interpretations of this passage from Matthew, I can assure you no theologian believes that this passage refers to politicians not praying, in public or otherwise. Quite the opposite. To not pray because one is in public life would indeed be rendering to Caesar that which does not belong to Caesar, her will and soul.

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  1. skepticalcynic
    skepticalcynic says:

    While I may not be as right as Rush  (thank God) (What ever happened to his feelings on jail time for addicts?  Hmm, )  I do tend to lean there and LOATH idealists from BOTH sides, Rush as well as Moore.)  Both wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the arse.

    Christ stance on money is clear.  It is of little or no importance.  ANd these PROSPERITY ministers make me nauseous.  Give caesar what is caesars, the rich young man who didn't recieve the answer he wanted when he was told to give EVERYTHING away and follow Christ.  Jesus the Christ and some aspects of Capitalism DEFINATELY  DON'T MIX. 

  2. Janet
    Janet says:

    Yes, Matthews and his cronies would love it if we Christians just shut up and made "prayer and religion…a private thing."  That's their motivation here. They can't stand it that Palin is honest and humble enough to risk criticism by openly displaying her Christian practices. And, deep down, I think they fear that kind of strength and conviction.

    This arrogant and twisted reaction is only further evidence that we're rapidly evolving into a nation where Christians will be persecuted for their beliefs.

    Religious intolerance?! These people should take a look in the mirror.

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    She may not have been able to find anyone to pray with in the McCain camp, but in the Obama camp, she would have been publicly villified, assuming she even would have made it on the ticket at all, which she obviously would not have.

    For Democrats, shows of religion are like shows of charitable giving, simply political shows, to be done only when someone is looking.  Palin is obviously a religious person, and Matthews, despite all the gaffes and blunders of the Obambi administration, couldn't find any other topic to cover.

    I think it reveals the deep fear that the Democrats have of Palin and subsequent runs for national office.  If she were as ineffectual or harmful to the Repubicans as they claim, they would wisely leave her alone, letting her do the alleged damage while they stood back.  Their actions belie that.

  4. phil
    phil says:

    So,  Sarah's  only support comes from the religious right?  Well, I supported her, and still support her, and although I am very close to being an atheist,  I staunchly support her right to worship in the manner of her choice.  Yours too.

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