Lindsey Graham schools Eric Holder on the law

From Hot Air. It needs no comment from me other than we have an Attorney General being put in a position to spin the case for a trial unnecessary and one that puts this nation in danger.


AP at Hot Air  writes:

The real worry in a district-court trial isn’t what’ll happen to archterrorists like Osama or KSM, whose perpetual detention is assured; the worry is that those trials will establish precedents that’ll be exploited by lesser jihadis at their own trials later on. KSM won’t be released because the political consequences to the administration are too dire, but what about some other terrorist who’s less well known to the public and whose guilt, while certain to the CIA, is less provable under normal evidentiary rules? A confession in a case like that might be critical — but what if he wasn’t Mirandized before he confessed? What then? That’s Graham’s point, and Holder seems to want nothing to do with it.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Schooled?   He took him to the woodshed!   Just as Guiliani did this morning with Harry Smith and his Obama apologizing.


    Graham may be frequently annoying, but he earned his pay this week.

  2. donh
    donh says:

    I feel  sorry for the police officers of NYC, especially the court house security  who will have to keep large angry mobs of americans  from the courthouse doors.  They have suffered enough . It is torture for these guards to see KSM in court every day and maintain the strength of will to keep their firearm secure in the holster.  I know these are trained professionals unlikely to have  a Lee Harvey Oswald moment, but it is written in the Bible that you shall not put the Lord thy God to the Test.  This decision puts our finest lawmen to a test crueler than any waterboarding. Every day when these court officers  leave work and face their family and friends there will be a hanging of heads in  shame  that they failed to wring KSM's  neck with their own hands.  Obama has really shown america the bottomless depth to his cold cruel apostacy to Themis.

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