Liberal education blocks conservative opinion at Pratt Institute

Nice. Just more proof there is absolutely no room in the liberal/progressive/socialist/statist halls of higher education for conservative views. The Pratt Institute does seem to be a private institution, so there is no censorship here that I can see, but don’t you dare suggest this school is open to discussion of various points of view.

Update: I actually did the same thing reader Forest did (scroll to the comments). I did not hear back from the school, but the response sent to Forest included “He has always been informed that he may exhibit any work that he chooses to”.

In my original post, I used the phrase “If true“, and my suspicion about this story has only increased. I’ve e-mailed Panero, the original author of the post.

/End Update

Steve DeQuattro contacted James Panero about his experience at Pratt. Since he’s a conservative and is vocal about his opinion, he’s not well thought of. I’m not sure if the liberal students surrounding DeQuattro have made their opinion public, but he has.

DeQuattro notes his art work – he’s a conservative political cartoonist – has been excluded from a display scheduled for the end of next month prior to graduation. From the New Criterion, with a hat tip to Big Government.

As a senior in the school, Mr. DeQuattro has been working on this art in preparation for a group show for Pratt’s graduating students, which is scheduled to open on April 23. While his faculty advisor has been supporting him, his peers have not. Mr. DeQuattro says they recently wrote a letter to his professors, calling his work “offensive” and complaining about exhibiting alongside him. Last week, the chair of the fine arts department stepped in to prevent Mr. DeQuattro’s participation alongside the other students in the group show–an unprecedented move in the history of the department, says Mr. DeQuattro, despite the fact that none of his work is pornographic, libelous, or in violation of the laws of free speech. Mr. DeQuattro’s advisor did not return a request for comment.

For the administrators and students at Pratt, the problem isn’t political art itself, says Mr. DeQuattro, but the nature of his politics, which are conservative. He says his school takes a liberal position on politicized discourse, just as long as that discourse does not deviate from a left-wing position. Pratt’s opposition to Mr. DeQuattro’s art only underscores the importance of his work. Mr. DeQuattro is asking for outside help in convincing the institution to support his exhibition.

If true, just another example of the tolerant left.

I’d be interested in seeing more of DeQuattro’s work. but I could not find anything online. Here’s one example, click to enlarge (sorry about the low resolution).

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  1. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    Sounds like Mr DeQuattro needs a few phone calls of support to the President of Pratt.

      –    Another case of "lies of omission" came in a public TV debate about reparations for slavery.  And this was 6 years ago, mind you.  As pointed out by my then 16 yr old daughter – the discussion only spoke of how to pay reparations.  There was NOT ONE person debating the fact the there are no more living slaves to pay and no living slave owners to get the money from.

      –   It has been said – He who sets up the direction and content of the debate wins.

  2. Forest
    Forest says:

    The following is the Email I sent and the reply I got from the Dept. Chair at Pratt. Something doesn't add up?

    Dear Paul,

    Steve has never been censored by the department and the Institute. He has always been informed that he may exhibit any work that he chooses to.

    Donna Moran, Chair

    I am writing after reading about the exclusion of a student, Steve DeQuattro, from an exhibition of work on the campus due to the conservative point of view that he showcases in his work. While I am not an artist, I am shocked that anyone associated with the arts would exclude someone for his political views. I have always thought that artistic expression was an area where freedom was most important.

    If this allegation is true, please reconsider, even if it upsets the other students.


    Paul B

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    I recall that a right to life demonstration/display was trampled by liberal student during my brief tenure at UMASS Amherst, while pro "choice" demonstrations and conventions for radical (read it communist) teaching methods ran unscathed.

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