Judicial activism to the extreme: Alabama judge blocks governor from signing legislation

What the heck is this about? The state legislature in Alabama passes legislation – in part – giving parents who have kids in schools defined as “failing” an tax credit to pay for tuition at a private school or other public school and some judge blocks the legislature from sending the bill to the governor to sign it?

Since when does our system work this way?

An Alabama judge has blocked the signing of a hotly contested education bill that has divided the state Legislature. Democrats are heralding the decision as a victory but state GOP leaders say the bill was passed fair and square and say the judicial branch needs to butt out of the legislative process.

Circuit Judge Charles Price scheduled a hearing for mid-March on the issue and barred state lawmakers from sending the bill to the governor for his signature before the hearing. Gov. Robert Bentley had said he would sign the bill. …

The teachers union group argues that the Republican majority bypassed state rules when the tax credit program was tacked on the bill in a conference committee — with little discussion or debate — and pushed through the legislature.

Democrats don’t seem to like it when Republicans use tactics out of the Democrat playbook do they?

Democrats claimed they were hoodwinked by Republicans who used a last-minute bait-and-switch tactic to push their plan through.

The House approved the bill 51-26 and the Senate 22-11 along party lines.

If the vote was along party lines and the Democrats voted against the legislation, just how were they hoodwinked by a bait-and-switch? Oh, maybe they didn’t take the time to read the legislation they were voting on?

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  1. Murphy
    Murphy says:

    “Prior to serving as Circuit Judge, the Honorable Charles Price was an attorney with the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C” Think that explains it……
    The Bard was a man with great foresight? (Henry The Sixth, Part 2 Act 4, scene 2).?

  2. Tim-in-Alabama
    Tim-in-Alabama says:

    The judge is an elected Democrat who joined is fellow Democrats and the teachers union in their war on school children. His decision will likely be canned by the state Supreme Court.

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    The governor should sign the bill and dare this punk judge to do what he is not empowered to do.

    • Joe
      Joe says:

      I agree! The Governor should sign the Bill. If after the law is enacted it can be challenged in Court. Until then, the Judge should be retrained.

  4. SeeingRed
    SeeingRed says:

    If no one has been harmed (yet), how does a jodge get involved at all.? Seems to me a case has to be brought before a court of law and a plaintiff has to claim/show that they have been harmed by the legislation, etc.?

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