Juan Williams: Israel must not hurt Hamas too bad

I’m having trouble with the “proportional response” doctrine, and Juan Williams “scoring” the war at 130+ Hamas dead verses five Israeli dead is not helping. If a group of 100 terrorists or crack-heads tried to invade a well-armed gated community here in the United States and they were all killed by residents who suffered one casualty, would the residents be chastised for “overkill?”

From Gateway Pundit.


So, Williams seems to suggesting Israel must consider the number-of-dead score … but what about the number-of-rockets-Hamas-launched score? Maybe Hamas should be careful not to overdo it sending rockets into Israel? Maybe Hamas should remember sending  627 rockets into Israel last year seemed to be an “acceptable” number as there was no “disproportionate response” by the Israelis?


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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Williams is a typical liberal Pali sympathizer, who cares little for the actual facts.? I was watching the CBS Early show, and all they could show was vids of the civilians hit by Israeli bombs.? No mention of the fact that Hamas places their facilities next to mosques, schools, hospitals, police stations etc.? A win-win for Hamas, and the flying monkeys of the liberal media dance for them.
    I think Israel should move a quarter mile into Gaza for every bomb fired by Hamas.? That would get their attention.
    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Iran and Syria revel in the attention being drawn from them.

  2. SeeingRed
    SeeingRed says:

    Juan always seems to come on easy, like his credibility is enhanced because of it.? In the end, he’s a hard Leftist idealogue.? He is neither the voice of reason nor can he be trusted.

  3. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    How can it be overkill when even one of their citizens is killed by rockets? Go Israel. The US has 4 brave Americans killed in Benghazi. We still don’t know why our State Department did not bring them home. ?The Red Cross and ?British left after they were attacked. ?The Ambassador was begging for ?protection and our State Department didn’t want the Libyans to feel bad. I want this administration ?to ?value the life of every American. We could learn much from Israel, they understand jihad and they don’t care about what the Arab nations think!

  4. JBS
    JBS says:

    Juan Williams, is still the media shill for the liberals. Taking his marching orders from the White House and Obama, he manages to keep up the apologizing for the Islamic radicals and blaming Israel for the whole sorry mess that is the Mid-east. By extension, he is blaming the United States.
    I am sure that he will be the first to congratulate Mrs. Clinton on the cease-fire. In all of the back-slapping, the liberals forgot to read the fine print. While Hamas says they won’t launch rockets (they are just rearming right now), they will still use bombs of every form. This is not over. The killing will continue and Israel knows it. No matter what Williams says, Israel needs to strike hard on these terrorists.

  5. dennis
    dennis says:

    When I see or hear Juan williams , I do what every American has the right to do, I change stations or channels. Nothing he says means anything so why even listen.

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