Hurricane Irene: it looks like New England’s on the bad side of the storm

Here’s a video and a map provided by Fox News and meteorologist Rick Reichman. It shows the storm track going right through New York City but it also puts Connecticut on the wrong side of the storm, meaning the highest winds. If you watch no other video this morning please watch this.

Oh, by the way pay special attention to his final few lines in this video. Don’t worry about the storm surge of you’re inland, he says. All we have to worry about is down trees, downed power lines, and high winds. Oh joy.


 Let’s see water, cookies, power bars,  generator,  prayer shawl. All set. Make sure you stay tuned to news talk 1080 W TIC we will be continually broadcasting all weekend long just to keep you in touch. Okay, that means I will have to come out from underneath the blanket every  now and then. No worries.

Actually the person who’s made the funniest preparations for this hurricane is Allahpundit over at hot air.

I hit two different supermarkets today to load up on bottled water, beer, PB&J, beer, canned goods, and beer. And let me tell you: As of this afternoon, despite the fact that cable-news weathermen are practically shaking on-air while reporting on this thing, the shelves at both locations were still fully stocked. Poland Springs as far as the eye can see. Maybe all that means is that the run on nonperishables is postponed until tonight, once everyone’s off work for the day, or maybe it means people aren’t taking this nearly as seriously as they should. When I called family members this afternoon to see what they’re doing to prepare, they were surprised to hear that there’s something they’re supposed to be preparing for. Dude.

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  1. rachel
    rachel says:

    Thanks to my mom in TN (she lived in FL through 5 hurricanes), I am now *concerned*.? Two days in a row, now,? she’s called & finally managed to get me off my butt.?? Shopping is done, but still need the beer.? Bottled water is up in price, but was able to get anything I could need at Big Y in Tolland.
    Stay safe, everyone, & God willing, we’ll all return on Monday! 🙂

  2. beekeeper925
    beekeeper925 says:

    The people who aren’t preparing are those who expect FEMA to come knocking on their door with free water, food, generators, and trailers. Want a free TV, go loot your local Walmart.

  3. phil
    phil says:

    Please, which side of my house will be the ‘lee’ side?? If the house is still standing tomorrow, that is.

  4. JollyRoger
    JollyRoger says:

    There is no amount of media hype that will keep some people from canoeing during a hurricane.? You can’t fix stupid! And why fill the bathtub with water when you could fill it with lots of ice and a keg of beer?

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