How much do you know?

Ray has a link to a great current events quiz being conducted by Pew. He took the quiz and got 12 out of 12. Unfortunately, that landed him in the top 2 percent. 98 percent of Americans got at least one wrong.

OK … maybe I am being harsh. It’s easy to get one but …. only 7 percent got two or less wrong. That means 93 percent of Americans, or at least those who took the test got three or more wrong. And I can assure you … there is maybe one tough current events question on there. (I almost missed number of troops in Afghanistan)

Click here and take it yourself.

And I know you are wondering … I got 12 too, but this is my job so I have an excuse. 10 out of 12 would make you a good RVO reader … less than that. Gulp!


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  1. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Thanks Jim for your informative presentation. It will go tomorrow to FR for linking! I had scored 10 of the 12 questions RIGHT!:)=^..^=

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