Hey, Iran is just like a domestic dispute

Sometimes I wonder how this guy keeps his job. When he’s not sucking up to Zbigniew Brzezinski … he sucking up to the President.

This is perhaps the most lame excuse yet from the Obama channel (If you have to ask which one, you haven’t been paying attention), explaining away the President’s desire not to meddle while the Iranian government slaughtered its own people. Hey, explains Mike, it’s none of our business anyway … kinda like a … well you listen.

Make sure you hang with the video as Tom Brokaw ignores Mike’s comment and then proceeds to warn his panel … why this could very well lead to democracy elsewhere in the mideast. Kinda like what “W” had in mind, Tom?


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  1. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    Let's remember that Tom-baby wants us to pay a gazillion dollars a gallon for gas. He's obviously not living in our universe.

    By the way, my somewhat morbid fascination with this program has to do with how closely they sit together in their groups of two's. To compound the weirdness of the watching experience, they also lean into each other. What's up with that???? Hey, at least it takes my mind off the drivel that generally comes out of their "twin" mouths.

  2. teri
    teri says:

    If France and Germany had not fought with us against the British in the Revolutionary War, would be be under England today? I think we should support the protestors in Iran now.

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