Hartford TEA Party scheduled tomorrow at 2 p.m.

Everyone is looking forward to the Hartford TEA Party tomorrow. Fourteen months ago, a group of concerned taxpayers gathered on a cold day at the Capital Building downtown to raise their voices. Tomorrow, the group will be much larger. Will you be there?

It really is about liberty. One of my favorite talk show host – Mark Levin – frequently speaks of liberty and how taxpayers have incrementally turned over their own liberty to the federal government during the last 50-plus years.

The TEA Party message – only in my humble opinion – should be a return of liberty to the people and the states. Quite simply, the federal government has grown too large, with municipalities overly dependent on federal funding for school programs, town projects, street signs and brick crosswalks. At the same time, they are irrevocably tied to state and federal unfunded mandates.

There is no more money. Cities, municipalities and states now find the funding from above drying up.

TEA Party members are not against government. They are not even against reasonable regulation. They are patriots with the Founding Fathers and the United States Constitution at heart. It is not a document to be discarded. The answers are there.

Remember, just because TEA Party members, many conservatives, and even a few liberals don’t think the federal government should be over-regulating health care, does not mean we are against a state solution. It’s just that the federal government can not be involved.

Do you know the name of your state legislators? Do you know the names of the members of your school board? The town council members? We need to return legislative powers back to the states and local communities where your voice can be heard.

The Congress-critters don’t hear you. The Executive Branch does not hear you. That reason alone should result in the voters joining to embrace what will no doubt be a very hard culture shift. This culture shift – moving away from dependence on the federal government – will take time, maybe even years. We’re hooked on the federal teat, and it will take time to wean ourselves off the dependence.

I really do think the tipping point was last winter. The reckless disregard for the will of the people finally made the people look up and take notice.

Have you taken notice? See you tomorrow.

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