Fox Business Network: Update Video


Well we are more than pleased to announce that Eric Bolling will be with us tomorrow at 10:35am ET hit. Eric is co-host of FOX Business Happy Hour. If you have not seen the show or him you are missing something. It’s a sometimes irreverent, no holds barred look at the day in business from the hottest personalities (literally my female friends tell me and figuratively see pic above) in business TV. Do not miss this.

It will also be the first in what we are hoping will be regular hits from the folks at FBN. Of course we are still waiting for the “Holy Grail” of FBN … Neil Cavuto. I guess maybe someday when I am rich and famous.

BTW … if you don’t have the FBN … Neil and the gang will pitch a tent on your cable provider’s lawn until they offer it. (Just kidding … they don’t have a tent).

Update: Here’s a clip from Bolling on Monday taking on a 60 minutes piece that blamed the rise in oil prices on oil speculation … up sure … down definately.


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  1. Rick-WH
    Rick-WH says:


    My prediction, Cavuto will appear on Sound Off Connecticut by the end of February 2009.

    If he can wait that long!

    This sounds like a good reason to get cable (U-Verse not available here).

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