Facebook eats itself? Applications galore and shoe spam

Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air just posted about how Twitter may well be eating itself since some users are abusing the report spam and abuse buttons and are beginning to target conservatives with the hope of forcing the application to automatically shut down accounts. Of course, eventually Twitter turns the account back on after a couple of days claiming the automatic process kicked in due to the high level of complaints.

As you all know I’m completely pro about social media being used for good, just as I am supportive of different ways to get more views for YouTube videos, as long as the idea behind those videos is not malicious. But now after a little research I’m certain that what’s happening with twitter will eventually start to happen to Facebook; actually it already does happen thanks to automatic application reviews that are triggered by multiple people flagging content as inappropriate.
But there is something else that is ticking me off about Facebook. The pure number of applications that are created to share videos and other content is staggering. Just in the past 30 days, I’ve noticed more and more posts by Facebook friends use an application that demands it have access to your email address, your basic information, and in many cases the ability to post to your own wall when you watch a video or read a story.

On top of that, Facebook also requires you to switch to the new timeline format when you accept the application install.

As an example, a friend shared a video and instead of just providing a URL and an abstract so I get an idea of what I’m watching, they used an application called Socialcam who wants access to my information. No thanks.

There are a bunch of these applications from different companies – most you have never or will ever hear of – that want access to your information and wall. Anyone can create an application to collect information, and as far as I know Facebook never reviews these new applications unless someone reports them.

User beware.

Then there is the spam trend on Facebook that allows people to “tag” you in a photo or a picture of some high-healed shoes for sale. I’m referring to this trend as the Facebook Shoe Spam Caper. The default settings immediately allow this spam to show up on your wall. Great, more and more crap is filling in between notes from friends and family that I generally do want to read.

Don’t even try to tag me in a photo – I’ve changed the default to block this crap.

I often tell my clients not to depend completely on Facebook or Twitter for marketing, as within a couple of months, these social networks can collapse under their own weight and they have little or no control of their own brand on the platforms. Certainly you must use Facebook, Twitter and other social networks as part of your marketing plan if your audience is there, but you should have a plan for the inevitable … mass rejection of the platform. Individual users should consider the same issues when it comes to their information and reputations.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    The Twitter assault simply reinforces the obvious: liberals cannot withstand an honest debate, and they are using these last ditch efforts to mask the smell of ?bamafailure.
    As for Facebook?? I put NOTHING on there other than my name.? Not even a picture.? I can see where this will all turn against us sometime.? Privacy is a wonderful thing.

  2. dairyair
    dairyair says:

    The term “social media” is a joke at best. Maybe it was when it started, but now it is all about commercialism, and now politics. Every ad you see for almost every company says “Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook.” How is this social? I have stayed away from both, and will continue to do that. If that makes me a Luddite, so be it. “Following” someone who thinks every second of their day should be posted just seems like a horrible waste of time.
    ?And Steve, I would hope that no company would put all their marketing into social media…I’m sure I’m not the only Luddite out here.

  3. JBS
    JBS says:

    Proud Luddite here! I don’t do Facebook, Twit, LinkdIn or whatever. Can’t be bothered to spend time on that social crap.
    I may actually be ahead of the surge as more and more people are turning away from SM garbage (people post the most inane drivel on their pages) or are severely restricting their accounts and access.

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