English Lord suggests progressive airline fees to fight climate change

If you fly more, you must be rich. Since you’re rich and fly more, you should be penalized by the government and pay higher taxes on your airline tickets. These types of taxes are designed to slow down or cripple the economic engine of the world, and Lord Turner, the chairman of some climate committee does not care.

Here’s the story from the UK Telegraph

The chairman of the Government’s Committee on Climate Change suggested those who flew more often should face higher levies than those who travelled infrequently. …

It has called for the cost of air travel to be raised by a number of means including higher taxes, charging airlines more for the carbon they use.

However Lord Turner admitted that “social fairness” would be a key factor in working out how these taxes would be levied.

“If you leave it entirely to a price regime, then people will be able to fly if they can afford it,” Lord Turner said.

Does this mean if I called up Virgin Atlantic to book a flight to Heathrow they would ask me for my most recent paycheck stub, tax return or W-2?

Idiots. They are all idiots.

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