Elections? What elections? It’s all about … me! Correction: Not so fast.

If someone had done a documentary on me … even I would have watched those returns last night. But then maybe he’s only seen it a few times and might have missed something. From Newsbusters.

Well at least now we have an answer to the question below.


Too much. Do we need any more evidence?

CORRECTION: Not so fast … Newsbusters got a tip that Fox was wrong … although I must understand … it was understandable. Don’t know if Fox corrected it but we have and so has Newsbusters. We stand corrected.

A tipster contacted NewsBusters questioning that report and after having acquired a transcript of the press gaggle, we have confirmed that the Fox News report was incorrect and Gibbs did not make any such statement.

Gibbs made this statement at the beginning of the untaped discussion with White House reporters:

One thing I should contextualize – the President obviously got updates about the election last night.  He did not watch – as I told some of you – did not watch election returns.  I wouldn’t read a ton into that since he didn’t actually watch election returns when he was running.  If you did watch the movie on HBO – we called him and told him he won Iowa.  He did not watch election returns.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Dear God.  He was watching a documentary about himself?  Did he miss something (like all the promises he made on his crawl to the top)?   Did he follow it up by looking at himself in the mirror for an hour or two, maybe clipping a nose hair or trimming his eyebrows?  For a guy so allegedly intelligent, was it smart to say this was what you were doing?


    He the ultimate narcissist.  How many more of the seven deadly sins does he have left?

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