Ed Morrissey from Hot Air awarded CPAC blogger of the year

Our friend Ed Morrissey was honored earlier today as CPAC’s blogger of the year. He was introduced by Rush Limbaugh and almost speechless when he got up to the podium. Congrats buddy!

On more than a few occasions Jim and I have discussed Ed’s impact on this blog and the radio show. Ed starts his day pretty early in Minnesota, allowing Jim to review Ed’s new posts which – instead of just linking to a story – provides thoughtful commentary, additional research, and links where you can learn more.

Jim tries to encourage me by mentioning my style and capabilities and Ed in the same sentence. I certainly don’t think I’m that good, but I consider Ed a good Internet friend since he’s been kind enough to link to some of my stuff and I can always get an e-mail response from him.

I consider him a mentor of some sorts, since I guess we do really model our efforts here after popular writers like Ed and Allah at Hot Air along with other bloggers including Jim Hoft, Jim Geraghty, Michelle Malkin, Steve Gilbert, Pamela Gellar, and many others.

Again… congrats and enjoy the honor.


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  1. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Congrats to Ed Morrisey for winning the CPAC Blogger Of The Year Award! :)=^..^=

    Hope Jim interviews Ed again soon Steve. :)=^..^=

  2. suzmar
    suzmar says:

    Congrats to Ed.  But I haven't heard anything today about how great was the speech given by keynote speaker Glenn Beck.  I thought he really explained why the people feel the repubs are just copies of Dems in their voting and policies.  The repubs need to grab the chance to become the small gov't, less tax, and less spending party they should be.

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