Dumbocrats Endorse Blumenlier

No surprise here I guess. The Democrats look past the character flaws of their chosen candidate and endorse the man with a glass jaw.

From the Courant: “”I have made mistakes,” Blumenthal told the crowd at the state Democratic Party nominating convention in Hartford. “I regret them. And I have taken responsibility. But this campaign must be about the people of Connecticut.”
In an acceptance speech that lasted 12 minutes, Blumenthal never once mentioned the word “Vietnam.”
He mentioned his troubles, however, in the speech.
“This week, as you all know, I have a little bit of a tough time myself,” Blumenthal told the crowd at the beginning of his speech at about 8:10 p.m. “You all have been hearing what my wife, Cynthia, has been telling me for almost 30 years – that I am not perfect. That I make mistakes.”
To the fighting tune of “I Won’t Back Down” by rock artist Tom Petty, Blumenthal walked onstage for his speech. The song played again as he waved to the crowd, with his wife, Cynthia, after his remarks.”

I personally I find it disgraceful on two fronts. The evidence clearly shows it wasn’t a few misplaced words but a purposeful attempt to mislead Connecticut citizens and leave an impression he served in Vietnam. No big deal to these people.

Secondly, the Dumbicrats are thumbing their noses at Connecticut voters who they think won’t care. This is how much they take the seat for granted. Un Connecticut it’s not the peoples seat. it belongs to the Democrat machine.

I’m disgusted. Remember November 2010.

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  1. spotoftea
    spotoftea says:

    This is an embarrassment to the State of Connecticut.  We are a laughing stock and fodder for comedia.  This just shows the lack of respect the Dems have for the people of CT and the Senate seat itself.  The puppet strings of  the delegates were pulled tight because how could they honestly and sincerely elect 'Slick' Blumenthal after exposing the lieS of his military service.

    Hear us.  Listen to us.  This is what the PEOPLE have been saying ~ the Gov't, the party "powers" are not listening.  It is "winning" and political posturing at all costs.  Disgusting.  Typical.  I would laugh if this wasn't so sad for Connecticut.

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      Why are you Connecticut people trying to take the crown of political stupidity away from the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts?  I mean, how many of your former House speakers are convicted felons?  And the Dodds, while being particularly corrupt in their own way, have nothing on the Kennedy Crime Family.  Barney Frank?  Gary Studds?  John F'n Kerry?


      You have a lot of catching up to do!  😉

  2. Delta
    Delta says:

    A vote for Dick Dasterdly in November 2010 is a vote for The Mean Machine to roll into Washington along with his trusty wife sidekick Mutley.

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Tricky Dick is nominated by the blue lemmings of Connecticut.  What are you trying to do, outdo the stupid, Kennedy loving Democrats of Massachusetts?

  4. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    After reading the above article Jim that Richard ("Mispeak") Blumenthal had played as he made his way to give his acceptance speak to the music of "I Won’t Back Down" by Tom Petty, a song that done by the late great Johnny Cash, that version you often play for your show, I had shook my head in disbelief. Could not believe that the delegates would still cast their support for him. Even the White House threw their support for him. That could be the political kiss of death for Mr. Blumenthal.

  5. chris-os
    chris-os says:

    "This is an embarrassment to the State of Connecticut.  We are a laughing stock and fodder for comedia. "

    Oh, when I read that, I immediately assumed it was a quote in regards to Linda McMahon!

    Doesn't even know where she stands on the issues, hasn't even voted until recently and touts her experience in "negotiating wrestling contracts" equals the background of a long serving attorney general?

    Unqualified and unprepared are understatements when applied to the Republican candidate.

    P.T. Barnum comes to mind when I think of the Republican delegates endorsing her for the senate: "There's a sucker born every minute."


    • spotoftea
      spotoftea says:

      It is disgraceful.

      This is what I hear about McMahon ~ "At least she is using her own money."  Really?  That's it?  She is electable because she is using her own big bucks?  So, she can buy her way in?  Swell.

      What happened to substantive candidates?  What about honor, integrity, honesty, character, principles, commitment, service, EXPERIENCE!?  These are the qualities of a candidate that the people should elect.  Easily, that choice is Rob Simmons.

      Looking forward to a primary.

      • Anne-EH
        Anne-EH says:

        Well, CT's good name has been dragged through the mud again with Richard Blumenthal's "mispeak" on his military service. In the end, it is the people of this state that have to bear with the shame.

      • Dimsdale
        Dimsdale says:

        The only person Tricky Dick served was himself.  How many jobs did his "experience" cost CT?  I would rather have someone that allegedly "doesn't know where she stands on the issues" than someone who didn't know if he was in Viet Nam or not.  Tricky Dick chooses not to spend his own money, but rather, the money of special interests and PACs, and this speaks to how he would perform in the Senate.


        I wonder if he will get a CT State cop to be his driver in D.C. if elected…..

  6. Wind
    Wind says:

    Having just gotten back from the Republican Convention, I feel very good about our direction in Connecticut.   Word on the floor was this was the most "charged" convention in over 20 years and it felt it.  As a delegate it was tough for all the candidates were qualified and  acceptable.  The mud slinging will be prevalent from now to November….just look through the static and ask tough questions to make your choices for this is a historical moment in history for us.

      • Wind
        Wind says:

        Anne, it was great..everyone was so upbeat and focused. I hope that we can keep the perspective in the right direction and take Connecticut to a place of growth and prosperity.

    • chris-os
      chris-os says:

      Energized about what, wind?

      ."  As a delegate it was tough for all the candidates were qualified and  acceptable. "

      Negotiating wrestler's contracts is experience?

      "The mud slinging will be prevalent from now to November…."

      Which party is mud-slinging?


  7. Gerry-M
    Gerry-M says:

    It's easy for Blumie to "accept responsibility" like so many others have, when there are NO consequences to saying "I accept responsibility". It means nothing. There are no punishments or damages, to him;  it's a mere word so you can quickly forget the lie (the other word for misspeak), and forgive and forget. And he goes through life repeating these "misspeaks" and there's nothing miss or accidental about these, they were deliberate to embellish his record. And The Courant helps him embellish his position with their misleading headlines like "Fighting Back". Wow, it's amazing what you can get away with…….. sad.

  8. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    I know that the polls show that DB took a huge hit after his service remarks were outed.  I'm glad that the good people of Connecticut are saying clearly this is unacceptable.  The Second District is a large area and encompasses the Groton Sub Base.  I would think his numbers would be even lower along the shoreline.  Stolen valor indeed!  What a creep!   And the Dems nominated him.  That I don't get at all. Dodd was edged out due to his lying and his poor judgement and his replacement is better?   How?  Good grief! 

  9. Law-AbidingCitizen
    Law-AbidingCitizen says:

    I am glad that the DemocRATS chose "Slick Dick" to be their front man. It really says a lot about the inner thinking of the DemocRATS Party. He will be just that much easier to campaign against, especially when he "misspeaks" again. And, he will, no doubt misspeak again. I do not think that he can help himself from making a verbal misstep when in he is in front a crowd that he wants to suck-up to. It's sad. He really wants to believe that he is a war hero.

    I am a veteran and I did serve from 1968 to 1970 in the U.S.Army. I  did my time honorably as a draftee in West Germany. During the approximately year and one-half that I was stationed in Augsburg, West Germany, we had many 'Nam vets rotate through our outfit. They were serving out their time in West Germany because they didn't have enough time left in the service for them to be sent to 'Nam again. (Usually guys who enlisted for three years.)

    G.I.s being who they are, we — NATO G.I.s — would get to talking and listen to the stories that the 'Nam vets would tell. It convince me that I did NOT want to be in their boots. Young men (sorry, no women in my battalion) who could soldier through what the 'Nam vets told us naive NATO boys were special people for sure.  We may have been in the same Army but, we were not in the same league! Our service was MUCH different.

    Just being in Viet Nam exposed a soldier to the possibility that he could be shot at, shelled, mortared, fall victim to a bomb or booby-trap or killed in any number of ways.  Serving in Viet Nam was serving in a war zone; you daily faced the possibility of being targeted by the Viet Cong.  Yes, there were many rear echelon soldiers and Marines who were never in direct danger, but they were still there! It was the combat vets who held a special place for us all. The guys who had been in fire-fights, some for days at a time, who lost friends, who would sometimes be right there in front of you and be a million miles away, they became special to us. We became protective of them. Even the "lifers," career guys,  who had been in combat would cut these guys slack.

    There is a change in a person when he is placed into a situation where there is a very real possibility that your point man would suddenly get hit or your patrol would be ambushed. It came across as a certain tension in the person; there would be a look of perpetual vigilance and tiredness in a combat vet's eyes. It took longer for them to "relax" in their new surroundings, if they ever did.

    Anyone who tried to make themselves out to be combat vets, heroes, or tell tall-tales (lies) about their service were quickly discovered and shunned.

    We had a name for soldiers who tried to claim valor, we called them "posers."

    And that is just who the DemocRATS have put up to campaign as governor of Connecticut, a impostor, a poser.

    How sad. Will he sue anyone who doesn't vote for him?

  10. tmsheridan
    tmsheridan says:

    We did not impugn Mr. Blumenthal's service, he impugned it himself.  By both stating and implying that he served in Vietnam, he clearly felt that his service as a reservist was not good enough and needed to be embellished.  All reservists should be furious at his slight and all former active duty servicemen should be disgusted with his pandering.

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      Could you really just "pick up the phone book" and get into the reserves in the Viet Nam era?  Those in the know have told me there was an exceptionally long waiting list.  I mean, isn't that what they told us about George Bush's TANG service?


      Notice how Tricky Dick takes the worst characteristics of Kerry's war record (imaginary service), then uses his reserve status as a cover, which was loudly criticized by liberals when it was Lt. Bush?


      The right foot in the left shoe still fits in a liberal's mouth.

  11. Twomiler
    Twomiler says:

    Dick Blumenthal should not be a candidate for anything. His numerous lies put a light on his character. He wanted vets to know "I'm one of you." Mr. Deferment never could be.


    I'll use my father as an example of a soldier. He was a cannoneer in a field artillery unit in the 25th infantry (Tropic Lightning) Division in WW ll. He fought in Guadacanal and New Georgia campaigns before landing in Luzon where his unit was destroyed. He was the only survivor. He was seriously wounded and was hospitalized for months. His weight dropped to 90 pounds. He miraculously recovered. After receiving his Purple Heart from Brig. Gen. Charles H. Swartz, he went back to his unit and his 31-month tour culminated with the occupation of Japan. He struggled with life after the war. He never talked about it because he couldn't. My mother told us we could never ever have lamb in the house because dad told her it smelled like burning bodies. Near the end of his life I found a Japanese sword in its scabbard in our basement. He knew I had found it but he only said leave it alone. We've made guesses about how he got it. More than likely the Japanese soldier didn't just hand it to him. In 1972 he died at 53. His life was certainly cut short by war, a necessary war.


     When Blumenthal chums up to veterans he has no idea who these people are; what their war was like. But he wants them to know he's one of them. If he had any courage, class, shame, he would bow out. But he doesn't. And he won't.  He doesn't deserve the senate. He misrepresented himself and shouldn't represent us. My father fought for much and it took much from him and never complained. War never altered his honesty. The only thing Blumenthal has fought for is that small patch of earth between the TV cameras and himself.

     My father's name was Clarence Hilding Anderson and you should never forget that soldier's name.


  12. David R
    David R says:

    At last Democrats have their own Dick. What most comments omit is that there's something about a lot of people who run for office that just isn't right. I think it's an unusually strong, sometimes self-destructive, need for ego stroking. (I'd bet that's what all the sex stuff our elected officials engage in is about.)  If you think Linda McMahon is any diferent, may the Creator bless you.  The old saying about how you need to kiss a lot of toads before you find a prince holds true here.  The problem is not that our political parties don't like kissing, it's that there are very few princes and even those few have warts.

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