Dr. Zero: Hostage to Debt … Plus CK: Stop the madness now … before it’s too late

Human Events John Hayward (AKA Dr. Zero) says … even if Democrats won’t admit it … liberalism is destined to implode. Plus CK says bring it on. Video below the fold.

This is it, says John Hayward at Human Events. The nanny state system is destined to implode, and may I add, sped along by a dragging economy. In Connecticut the answer is still raise taxes to cover the promises. But neither Connecticut, nor the nation, no longer has an appetite for that.

In DC the only answer is borrow more, but that only prolongs the inevitable.

We’ve known the debt ceiling was approaching for years.  The President and Congress could have been scrambling to make deep cuts in order to avoid it.  Instead, we’re sold an image of a confused and frightened Uncle Sam asking why his credit card was rejected when he used it to buy food for his millions of starving children.  We never hear a wordabout the sacrifices government must make in order to live within its means.

Cook says the intention of the debt limit “was to compel restraint when further federal borrowing would have to occur. Since then, whenever the debt limit has been reached, it has always been raised, although there is always plenty of fuss over it.”  That doesn’t sound like much of a restraint.  In truth, we live in a system that was designed to grow inexorably, until it dies.  We can raise the debt limit in May, but the day will soon arrive when that is simply no longer an option.

As Congressman Paul Ryan points out in the introductory video for his “Path to Prosperity” budget, by 2025 debt interest and entitlements will consume the entire federal budget, and it really will be impossible to cut spending without defaulting on those obligations. Our children will curse us for raising the debt ceiling when we still had a choice, creating a future in which they have no choices at all.

Charles Krauthammer tells Republicans not to cave on the debt ceiling. Why? Because if they do cave … next stop, Greece! All aboard.


Make sure you read the whole article.

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  1. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    The truth is that liberalism is bound to fail. The economic crisis America is facing could very well be the start of federal/state governments irresponsibilities and the end of radical liberalism as we know of.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Liberalism/socialism/statism/progressivism always fails because it parasitizes capitalism while simultaneously bastardizing it.


    In other words, this parasite kills the host.

  3. joe_m
    joe_m says:

    Until those on the doll realize that they are killng the "host", they will not stop.

    It is like a cancer, we need to cut it out or it will kill us. Except in this case, the cancer is actively fighting it's removal.

  4. johnboy111
    johnboy111 says:

    BEFORE IT'S LATE????just received second call from second home[r] to stop lawn maintenance..trickle down economics anyone? IF WE ONLY CAN TAX THE RICH SOME MORE……….

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