Dr Zero and Peter Schiff … and Fox 61

Big doings tomorrow. Hot Air blogger and economic analyst extraordinaire, Dr Zero, joins us tomorrow, at 10 AM. I have been more than a little impressed with John Hayward, otherwise known as Dr Zero. We’ll talk about his two most recent posts … The Dreadful Equation and The Luxury of Conservation. These are must reads, The Dreadful Equation in particular, because it does an excellent job of how “over” taxation not only robs one of freedom, but of economic value, growth, and a higher standard of living for all.

This is the dreadful equation of socialism.  Money can be used to create value, or it can fuel the exercise of power, but not both.  You can see this happening around you, right now.  It has happened everywhere in the world, every time central planning has been tried.  It would happen even if politicians were the selfless, compassionate, disciplined civil servants they claim to be.  The fantastic corruption typical of socialist states, most definitely including our current Administration, serves to weaken the rate of exchange between value and power.

Then at 11AM … Senatorial candidate Peter Schiff joins us. We will talk with the conservatarian about his race but also about his most recent conversation with Yahoo Finance that we are headed for another economic meltdown worse than the last because of unsustainable debt and an overactive money supply. We’ll get his view on how this can be avoided.

Also don’t forget to join me in the CTNOW.com chat room tomorrow morning. I will be on Fox 61 at about 6:10 AM with my morning rant … and then off to the chat room.Note to Dr. Zero, I will be borrowing liberally from your notes on the The Dreadful Equation.

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