“I don’t understand … he’s an abhorrent person”

I recently commented on a Facebook post referencing Harry Reid saying “Fear is entirely rational” after a campaign of “bigotry and hate.” I simply said “they still don’t get it.”

A friend responded to my comment.

I guess what I don’t get is when people keep telling me to “get over it” and move on. In any past election in my life I was able to do that but this one is different. I understand the reasons peeps voted for T for political reasons some of which I agree with but I just find him to be an abhorrent person. I especially can’t understand how people who wanted to draw and quarter Bill C for being morally bankrupt now turned around and over looked what a pig T is and actually vote for him. And please don’t tell me I’ve been brainwashed by the liberal media against him. I heard with my own ears the hateful things he said.

We obviously can’t point to “one thing” to help understand why folks voted for Trump. A significant part of the equation was Democrats who stayed home or voted for Trump. Trump will end up with about the same number of votes McCain and Romney received, but Clinton ended up with 10 million and 5 million (respectively) fewer votes than Obama.

But I’ll stick to one thought for now: He fought back.

Liberals have been talking down to me for a couple of decades now, but I really started noticing when I started writing for this conservative website. Here are just some of the hateful things that have been said to me, about me, and other conservatives for decades. Strong language coming…

  • I’m a racist because I want our border secured and I want to limit legal immigration in defense of our American culture and ideals.
  • I’m racist since I absolutely do not agree there is “endemic” racism problem in law enforcement.
  • I’m racist since I think the current laws in place should be enforced.
  • I’m a racist homophobe since I think it’s absolutely insane to demand a practicing faithful Christian bake a cake, and have them pay $100k in fines because they are “bigots” if they say no to baking a cake.
  • I hate children because I think the federal Department of Education should be shuttered immediately.
  • I’m delusional since I don’t believe in anthropogenic climate change. I think the climate HAS been changing for millions of years and will continue to do so. To think we can stop global climate change is complete vanity, and when I say that, I’m labeled as someone who wants to destroy the planet.
  • I’m outright insane due to my gun rights stand, and I’m OK with kids getting killed because I think an “assault weapon” ban is absurd.
  • I must be “compensating” for something since I quietly carry a gun to protect myself and my family.
  • There must be something wrong with me because I own evil inanimate objects such as guns, gun magazines, rifles and hollow-point ammunition. Therefore, I must register with the government and be “monitored.” If I fail to register, I’m a criminal.
  • When I say the minimum wage should be zero, I’m a racist and hate poor people trying to raise a family. I’m not allowed to calmly explain why, since the protesting crowd is now yelling at me.
  • People claim I have violent tendencies since I believe in what the TEA Party stands for. When something bad happens, liberals and the media immediately claim it was probably a TEA Party member.
  • When I point out there is no such thing as a “gun show loophole,” I’m an uneducated idiot.
  • When I say it’s terribly sad and heartbreaking more black babies were terminated in NYC than born in 2012 and 2013, I’m a racist AND a misogynist asshole.
  • When I point out conservatives in Washington are not trying to block women from healthcare services or getting the pill, I’m an idiot and anti-woman.
  • When I think the federal government should get completely out of the health care business, I hate women, children and the poor.
  • I’m a racist since I think you should prove you are a citizen when you vote.
  • When I explain human rights exist simultaneously between people and human rights are limited to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – not healthcare, education, food, housing, cell phones or broadband Internet – I’m a woman-hating, racist asshole.
  • When I say Roe v. Wade was a bad legal decision, heads explode and people start yelling at me before I can explain why.

The criticism, distain and outright hate towards my conservative beliefs continue. I could go on-and-on.

Every single one of these statements – and many more – have been either made to me in person, in an online comment, or sent to me in an email during my time writing more than 2,000 conservative blog posts. Thankfully, I’ve received no death threats, but I know of authors who have. I’ve seen them. Law enforcement dealt with them.

The attacks on some of my friends – who happen to be black conservatives – have been outright brutal. I’ve been present when a protester yelled at them …”you’re a traitor to your race.”

The verbal and written attacks – along with all the “they are stupid” jokes – on Sarah Palin, Palin’s family, George W. Bush, Bush’s family, Mitt Romney, Mia Love, Rand Paul, Alan West, Scott Walker, Clarence Thomas among many others have been BRUTAL for years.

Although Trump was not my chosen candidate, Trump fought back. He gave it out just the same the left have been dishing it out for decades. No national GOP candidate has fought back before. (Well, maybe Reagan.) It was all about “what can we do to get them to accept us.”

Well, Trump got through to folks who were done being bullied by the left.

At this point, I’m more than willing to give Trump a chance. I’ll continue to explain why Constitutional conservatism will work when given the opportunity. I’ll work to direct Trump on conservative policy if he’ll listen. I’ll disagree with him and point out where I think he is wrong just as I did during Bush 43’s term.

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  1. Andrew Hansen
    Andrew Hansen says:

    Hillary is now defeated, can we have an honest conversation about who Trump is? He is abhorent…i don’t think he’s racist, i think he hates anyone or anything that gets in his way; people’s, ethics, the constitution if it does his treatment of women is horrendous, theres a documentary out of England thats old about his pattern of stalking women by a journalist who experienced it. The question is, did the weight of actually being president really change him as we’ve seen since Tues, and can conservatives get him off his liberal policies?

    • just sayin
      just sayin says:

      “The trouble with our liberal friends is not they’re ignorant, it is just that they know so much that isn’t so.” – Ronald Reagan

  2. Law-AbidingCitizen
    Law-AbidingCitizen says:

    I have learned that liberals are simply wired differently. If men are from Mars and women from somewhere else, liberals are probably from a garage in San Fransisco. Focusing on the faults of DT blinds one to the egregious sins of Hilliary. It’s not that she lied; Hilliary is a serial liar. Instead of doing the job of First Lady of Arkansas or of the US or Senator or SOS, Hilliary sought to leverage everything for money, favors and power. Example: Haiti has an earthquake in 2010. Dozens, if not more, relief agencies race their to aid. Bill and Hilliary go there and see opportunities to enrich themselves and their friends. Contracts flow and the money comes into the CGI and the Clinton Foundations as people’s thanks for setting up the business opportunities. That is just one simplified example.
    Benghazi — remember the H is silent. She used State Department personnel to traffic weapons to the Syrians. Americans were attacked in a planned assault and died, and she IGNORED their multiple cries for help. Need I say more?
    From the Lincoln bedroom to the uranium deal with UraniumOne (Rosatom, Russia), Hilliary has sold and leveraged everything she can get her hands on for her and her family’s enrichment. The Clintons abide by a simple Trinity: Money, Power and Control. If Hilliary had become the 45th president of the US, she would have cemented the third leg of her epic quest, Control. Need I remind anyone of Hilliary’s avowed plans for the Second Amendment?
    It is not so much that DT is a bad person, it is that in comparison, Hilliary and thus the DemocRATs are so much worse. If Hilliary had attained the trifecta of Control in her naked grab for ultimate power and, thus, ultimate Control, life under the DemocRATs would be intolerable for conservatives. One by one the Amendments of the Bill of Rights would be abridged or totally abrogated. Our cities and towns would be flooded with immigrants who are not looking to assimilate but are looking to establish a new Caliphate in the US. Do I need to go on? The progressive Utopia would rapidly become Distopian for all.
    Mr. Trump may not be perfect. I know that and I know I could never survive the scrutiny of the leftist media. I offer the first stone to anyone who claims to be perfect. Be that as it may be, Mr. Trump is the right man for this time in our history.
    May God bless him and his presidential endeavors.

  3. care
    care says:

    For years people have talked about voting for candidates that were not career politicians, not Washington insiders. Now such a person has been elected president, and some of those same voices who wanted a change are in an uproar. I don’t think they mean to be hypocrits; I just think they’re affected negatively by the media that paints an inaccurate picture of Trump. Trump is easy to figure out if you take the blinders off. He is going to cut taxes for the middle class, make our country more inviting for businesses (that create jobs), stop ILLEGAL immigration, and make friends with Russia whom we don’t want or need to go to war with. How is any of that racist, mysoginistic, homophobic, etc? It isn’t. Trump isn’t about those societal details, apparently. He’s focusing on our economy and our foreign relations…EXACTLY what the executive office is only supposed to do!!!!!!!!

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