Donahue to Catholic Church: If only you were pro choice …

… then you surely would have more members. This is the kind of tripe Phil Donahue serves up these days.

Fox brought Phil on to debate Father Jonathan Morris on President Obama speaking at America’s premier Catholic University, Notre Dame (sorry BC). But Phil didn’t want to talk about why a Catholic college would honor a man who has no respect for a child at any point in the womb (and in some cases just outside).

Instead you will notice he never addresses that. Phil wanted to argue the Church itself. .It’s a 3 and a half minute whimper on his divorce, why he can’t go to communion, why the church is out of date and why it would have so many more members if it was just a little more hip. Blah, blah, blah.


If it’s members you’re looking for … why stop there? My guess is if the Church dropped that crazy stance on adultery, theft and coveting your neighbor’s stuff, and maybe even dropped that silly attend church on Sunday thing … wow then you might really have something.

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  1. Steve McGough
    Steve McGough says:

    For those of you with daughters, what would you say if she came to you and wanted to lower her dating standards? You know, if she can't find a really good guy, all she need to do is lower her standards just a little bit – maybe accept a guy who slaps her only once a year?

    The Catholic Church – or any other church for that matter – should not lower standards. Morality should not be something that is "relative." If you prefer not to join the church, find another one. From what I understand, it's pretty easy these days to get a few followers together and create your own.

  2. zedgar
    zedgar says:

    Notice how Donahue didn't stick to the topic ?  That's what he and many like him do – they can't adequatelyaddress the main point of the issue so they bring up extraneous issues or ad hominm attacks.  Maybe he feels that there would be more Jews who go to Synagogue if only they changed the Sabaath to Sunday? Or that more people would become Mormons if they removed the strictures on alcohol?

  3. davis
    davis says:

    I have been a Catholic all my life and my wife is a convert. We are no longer going to church as a result of the unwillingness by the Church and civil authorities to send child abusing priest to jail, like any other criminal. The Catholic Church will never be a "democracy", but this is beyond our tolerance.

    Steve, please do not belittle people who have issues w/ the Church's teachings, and flick them off to some other church as if we were dealing w/ a TV or radio show. Some of us (perhaps you too) have painful decisions to make vis-a-vis the Catholic Church's stand on moral issues.

  4. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    Funny thing here:  The church asks us to be better than we already are.  

    Evolution follows the path of becoming better than we already are.  

    We have the knowledge to overcome our inevitable failings and to avoid extinction. 

    But will we choose this path? 

    Oh, look there!  Is that another Dark Ages coming?

  5. Amos A Atoll
    Amos A Atoll says:

    Why wouldn't Donahue simply change churches. Their are plenty of Christian churches that are pro-abortion. Donahue sounds arrogant in expecting the Catholic to change to suite him.

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