DOJ to Dead People … we’re not looking, go ahead and vote

J Christian Adams has been dropping plenty of bombs that make this Obama Justice Department starting to look more and more like an extension of the Obama Campaign. First it was the New Black Panther Party case that Justice mysteriously dropped. Then it was the charge DOJ does not intend to enforce voter intimidation against white people, and now this.

Says Christian … DOJ has no intention of looking for voter fraud either.  In an interview yesterday with Megyn Kelly Adams charged that Justice it will not enforce Section 8 of the Motor Voter law. It is the section that demands states purge their registrations of ineligible voters.


The Missouri case Adams is talking about is one which getting close to settlement. The DOJ under “W” was trying to force the state to purge its rolls. As John Fund points out, Missouri has a particular interest in that constiuency.

The case made slow but steady progress through the courts for more than three years, amid little or no evidence of progress in cleaning up Missouri’s voter rolls. Despite this, Obama Justice saw fit to dismiss the case in March 2009. Curiously, only a month earlier, Ms. Carnahan had announced her Senate candidacy. Missouri has a long and documented history of voter fraud in Democratic-leaning cities such as St. Louis and Kansas City. Ms. Carnahan may now stand to benefit from voter fraud facilitated by the improperly kept voter rolls that she herself allowed to continue.

It makes perfect sense no? With ACORN out of the picture, who can the Democrats depend on to get those felons to the polls, not to mention the zombies.

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  1. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    With a VERY important mid-term elections coming up, and with efforts by people who are running for public office that love freedom and have principles, the Democrats, who are now are in PANIC MODE, and more then ever are keeping a distance from President Obama, do not be surprise that there may still be some funny business done. If not by a spin-off of ACORN, then the New Black Panthers or SEIU. That is why we NEED whistleblowers such as J. Christian Adams.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    An acquaintance, who recently got citizenship, was getting her MA driver's license, and decided that she would check off the "do you want to register to vote?" box.  She was not asked for any proof of citizenship.  Zero.  On the other hand, as a po' white boy, I had to dig out my birth certificate to get a poorly paying teaching fellowship when I was a grad student.


    Holder is a disgrace, and will set back black progress by decades.  "Deptartment of Injustice" is quite apropos.  Again, John Ashcroft is probably laughing when he isn't crying,

  3. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    This DOJ is an embarrassment to our country…no matter what they seem to do, I'm left shaking my head and asking, 'WHY!!!???!!!'

  4. Tim-in-Alabama
    Tim-in-Alabama says:


    When asked for comment on dead people's voting, New Black Kitty leader and beret model Malicious Tango Zulu Shazbot said, "I hate dead people. All of 'em. Every last iota of a corpse I hate him, because we're still in this condition."

    "There's too much serious business going on in the live community to be out here… with an embalmed, dirty, dead (bad words) on our arm."


    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      George Romero's new movie: Election of the Dead.


      Coming  to a polling place near you (no extra charge for the New Black Panther greeters!).

  5. JollyRoger
    JollyRoger says:

    Someone ought to write a screwball comedy: "When Harry met Nancy"   It would be about the insane sex lives of Nancy "The Gavel" Pelosi and her "Mormon Sex Poodle" Harry Reid.  You could imagine how the day long grind of screwing the public might whet the sexual appetites of these two reprobate b*tches.    It's amazing the left's sanctimonious disgust for the "hypocrisy" of the church, yet they vote for "the messiah" who was going to run the most transparent administration in history!  And Harry and Nancy were going to drain the swamp, and run the most honest, open and ethical congress in history…   Nice thing about the church is that you don't have to tithe!  The church isn't going to throw you in jail or audit you.  Barry has put the financial touch on you, your kids, grand-kids more than any straw-man in the clergy probably ever will…

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      The "comedy" is writing itself, although I fear it is turning out to be more of a Greek tragedy.

  6. chris-os
    chris-os says:

    Acorn was investigated to death by the Bush administration-the findings were that there was none.

    The "voter fraud" was found out to be "voter registration fraud". Acorn was paid to canvas areas registering voters. Some employees quickly found out that faking names to get paid was easier than pounding the pavements and knocking on doors.

    Thorough investigation by the feds showed that Acorn workers were shirking their jobs, not plotting "election" fraud-this was widely reported when all this took place, yet the Republicans continue to promote the myth.

    Bush's investigation of "voter fraud" that this guy Adams talks about led to the indictment of 4 people…of voter registration fraud…4 job shirkers… not election fraud. Of course, he leaves this information out.

    And the fairytale continues.


  7. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    It wasn't just ACORN.  And funny how they only seem to be attract really lousy employees.  It sounds like a really convenient excuse, one that is repeated often.  But we all know that ACORN is on the "up and up", right?


    Of course, reported on the dozens of out of (Ohio) state Øbamaroids that used one address to get absentee ballots, the uninvestigated campaign financing by M. Mouse et al., and illegal foreign sources?  How about the Diebold electronic voting machines that are incredible corrupt unless they let Øbama and Democrats win?  The Dem sponsored Motor Voter law that let's anyone that gets a license register to vote, with no background check or verification of any kind?  How about rolls of dead voters the Dems refuse to purge?


    Say what you will about Republicans (and I will agree on many counts), but when it comes to voter fraud, the Dems are kings.

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